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This is your last chance to get T-Mobile’s best promo for free

Published Apr 6th, 2017 3:21PM EDT
T-Mobile One Plus promo vs Verizon
Image: Screenshot / YouTube

The T-Mobile One plan is already a decent deal, offering (mostly) unlimited data, free roaming and unlimited talk for $70, taxes and fees included. But if you want to stream in HD or use 4G data to tether your laptop, you’ll need the One Plus plan, which is normally an extra add-on.

Right now, thanks to T-Mobile’s ongoing flame war with Verizon, the One Plus plan is a free upgrade for any customers on the regular T-Mobile One plan. Just head to your T-Mobile account online or through the app, select the One Plus promo, and you’ll have all the benefits of One Plus for free.

But you’d better hurry, because the freebie runs out tomorrow. We already knew that the One Plus promo was a “limited time opportunity,” but now we have a date: April 7th. Sometime tomorrow, the promo will end, and you’ll be stuck with SD video and slow tethering. A fate worse than death (or Comcast).

The end of the promo is a real blow for T-Mobile’s competitiveness. Verizon and AT&T both offer comparable “unlimited” data plans for virtually the same price these days, but Verizon’s network still has the edge in coverage over T-Mobile. Sure, T-Mobile still has some perks like cheaper roaming, taxes included, and the T-Mobile Tuesday promo; but if you prize rock-solid coverage (and 4G mobile tethering) over those, then T-Mobile just slipped down in the rankings.