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One of T-Mobile’s best promos is going away

T-Mobile one plan tethering vs Verizon

“Capitalism breeds competition, and competition is good for the consumer” is one of the central tenents of the modern economic system. Much as you might doubt it when you’re paying your cell bill every month, the wireless industry is one of the best examples.

When Verizon unveiled a new unlimited data plan last month, it didn’t even take T-Mobile a day to release a counter: unlimited HD video streaming and 10GB of mobile hotspot data, making T-Mobile’s plan comparable to Verizon’s at a lower cost. Competition at work!

But as it turns out, T-Mobile’s counter was only a limited-time promo, and starting soon, T-Mobile’s One plan will be reverting back to what it was at the beginning of February, no hotspot data included.

A Reddit post, since confirmed by BGR with other customers, says that T-Mobile has begun warning customers about the end of the promo. “T-Mobile One customers! Offer ends soon. Activate HD streaming and up to 10GB 4G LTE Tethering at no additional charge. Visit the Plans page, select Manage data add ons and get the T-Mobile ONE Plus Promo,” is the message appearing at the top of some customers’ accounts.

A T-Mobile spokesperson did not confirm that the deal was ending imminently, but did reiterate that “our offers are always limited time opportunities.”

If you were thinking about a switch to T-Mobile and you’re even an occasional user of your phone’s hotspot feature, you’ll want to switch ASAP. The regular T-Mobile One plan only includes SD video streaming, and no 4G hotspot data is included. Instead, hotspot data is throttled to 512kbps, which is too slow to realistically stream video or get real work done.