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Spacetop is a 100-inch AR laptop with no screen

Published Jan 19th, 2024 12:40PM EST
spacetop AR laptop
Image: Sightful

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What if you could carry a 100-inch laptop with you everywhere? That seems to be the question Sightful developers asked themselves when they designed Spacetop, the first “AR laptop” the world has ever seen. Designed to work seamlessly with a pair of AR glasses, Spacestop is an AR laptop that lets you expand your work display without having to worry about it getting in anyone else’s way.

It’s a novel way to bring the AR revolution to road warriors who want to carry their display everywhere but don’t want to be tied down to the smaller display sizes of most modern laptops. Further, the company doesn’t seem set to stop at just providing a solid laptop. It also wants to go further by making machines that can game or run heavy-duty applications like Premiere Pro.

If that sounds too good to be true, don’t worry; all of that ingenuity comes at the high price of $2,150. And while that isn’t really a lot in the long run for AR tech, it is a lot to drop on a laptop. That being said, the Spacetop AR laptop does look to be quite an interesting little machine.

To use the 100-inch display, you have to put on an augmented reality headset that ships with the machine. This plugs directly into the laptop, allowing it to project everything you need on the virtual displays around you. Sightful says that it had multiple types of users in mind when designing its Spacetop AR laptop, including those who want to protect what they’re doing, those who want more screen space, and just those curious about mixed reality.

But what about specs? Well, Spacetop runs a custom, open-source version of the Android platform, and Sightful says it offers around five hours of battery life between charges. As for actual processing power, it features a Snapdragon XR2, 128GB of storage, and 8GB of RAM. It isn’t the most intensive machine ever, but considering it puts a 100-inch display in your backpack, there are some concessions to be made, for sure.

I guess you have some choices now. You can preorder the Apple Vision Pro or buy a full-fledged AR laptop. Either way, you’ll be paying out a hefty chunk of change.

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