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PokeGOD might be the ultimate Pokemon Go cheat, and Apple let it into the App Store

Updated Oct 4th, 2016 8:17AM EDT
Pokemon Go Cheats
Image: Niantic

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Late last week, we told you about a killer Pokemon Go cheat that works on iPhones without the need to jailbreak. It lets users walk anywhere in the game without actually making them move an inch, so they can capture far more Pokemon than they would if they had to actually leave the house and go around hunting Pokemon. Heaven forbid! As we noted, that cheat still works following Niantic’s latest Pokemon Go update for iOS, which is great news. The bad news, however, is that users have to jump through a few hoops in order to use this cool hack, and not everyone will want to deal with those hoops.

Well guess what: we’ve caught wind of a new Pokemon Go cheat for iOS, and it could be a game-changer for you — literally. Not only does this Pokemon Go cheat work on iPhones and iPads that are not jailbroken, it’s actually a regular iOS app that Apple has approved and made available for download in the App Store.

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UPDATE: It looks like PokeGOD has been removed from the App Store — hopefully you managed to get it in time.

Niantic frowns on cheating for obvious reasons and to be perfectly frank, we’re not fans of cheating either. This is a smartphone game we’re talking about here though, and it gets extremely difficult as you progress and reach higher levels. We’re not here to judge, we’re here to make you aware of all the different tools at your disposal, and the PokeGOD app by Anobot is an example of one of those tools.

Developed by a UC Berkeley student in his spare time, PokeGOD is essentially a bot that plays Pokemon Go for you. It simulates walking at a pace that won’t get your character in trouble or banned (at least, in theory), and it can catch Pokemon for you so you don’t have to trek out around town to capture those finicky little creatures. The app also supports PokeStop spinning if you first share the app with friends to unlock the feature.

Here’s a video of PokeGOD in action:

There are similar Pokemon Go hacks out there, but being available through Apple’s official App Store gives PokeGOD a big leg up on the competition. You’ll find the app’s full description below along with a download link.


The first and only app in the world that let’s you catch Pokemon and spin Pokestops in Pokemon GO without leaving your seat!

See a demo here:

PokéBot allows you to do things that no other cheating app for Pokemon GO has allowed you to do before. This app will become your personal cheating bot and companion that will let you catch Pokemon and collect items from spinning Pokestops without leaving the comforts of your workplace, school, home, or wherever you may be.

The app works by spoofing your Pokemon GO account’s location, and simulating a walk between your current location, and the location of the pokemon/pokestop. When the bot has reached the destination after “walking,” it will tell Pokemon GO that you are actually at that location, and then subsequently attempt the catch/spin. We find the shortest path between your location and the target, then spoof the walk at normal biking speed (to avoid detection).

Features include:
• Supports both Google and Pokemon Trainer accounts
• Choose which items you want to use for a catch (Razz Berry, Poke Ball, Great ball, Ultra Ball, and Master Ball). Note: you MUST have the specified balls and berries in your inventory in order to use them. We will not give you free Poke balls or berries!
• Shows Pokemon in the immediate area on a map with timers below each Pokemon
• Spin Pokestops* and collect items

This app is perfect for people who don’t want to waste gas to go across town to catch a Pikachu, those who want to catch that Dragonite in their neighbor’s backyard, or for parents who want their kids to have fun playing the game, but not wandering around town when they can’t take their kids.

*requires sharing the app with friends to unlock this feature

Next update will include expanding the scan radius, faster scanning algorithm, adjusting the walking speed, and more.

Disclaimer: A Google or Pokemon Trainer account is required to use this app. This app operates under fair usage of thumbnail images (Kelly v. Arriba Soft Corp., 2003). Anobot LLC is not responsible for any action that may be taken on your account for using this product. Use this app at your own risk, and please do not use while driving or walking. You agree that use of this app constitutes an agreement that you accept full responsibility to any damages incurred through use of this product. See Terms of Use for more information. If you have non-support related concerns, please address them to

Download PokeGOD ($1.99)

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