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Google is trolling Nexus owners with a Pixel 4 deal that doesn’t even work

Pixel 4 Price Drop

The Pixel 4 is Google’s latest Android flagship, and like its predecessors, it’s far from perfect. The phone features a design that’s stuck in 2017 and launched with a few issues out of the gate that need software fixes. More disturbingly, it turns out the Pixel 4 can bend with relative ease, a problem that you can’t fix on your own. And the Pixel 4 does cost a pretty penny, in spite of all those issues. It’s even more expensive than the cheapest new iPhone, and that entry-level iPhone 11 is a lot faster than the Pixel when it comes to day-to-day performance. If you’ve been looking to upgrade your old Google hardware and trade it in for a Pixel, we’ve already told you that Google has a poor opinion of its previous Pixel versions compared to iPhones. If you happen to still rock a Nexus handset, then you’re seriously out of luck. Any Google ad that says you can get a tiny price cut on the Pixel 4 if you trade-in your Nexus phone is hilariously misleading, as Google won’t honor the deal.

Spotted online by Android Police, the ad below says that you can get the Pixel 4 for as low as $773, after a $26 price cut from an eligible Nexus trade-in deal.

But you can’t actually take advantage of the deal. Trying to trade-in a Google Nexus 6P over on Google’s Pixel site won’t get you anywhere. The phone is not eligible for trade-ins.

Clearly, this is all a Google mistake. Whoever created the ad probably had no idea the last Nexus phones aren’t eligible for trade-ins. 

Your best bet is trying to sell the Nexus 6P on different sites, and then use that money towards a Pixel 4 purchase. But if you absolutely must buy the Pixel 4, then you might want to wait a while longer. The price will surely drop in the coming months, just as it happened with Pixel 3, especially with the holiday shopping season approaching fast.

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