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OnePlus 6 launch seems even closer as OnePlus 5T sells out

OnePlus 6 Release Date

As of right now, the OnePlus 5T is sold out in North America, and it doesn’t look like the company will renew stock ahead of the OnePlus 6’s arrival.

However, that doesn’t mean the OnePlus 6 will launch anytime soon now that the OnePlus 5T isn’t available anymore, even if we’ve already seen plenty of OnePlus 6 rumors online.

Demand for the OnePlus 5T, which is OnePlus’s latest Android flagship, has been stronger than expected. The company sold every OnePlus 5T made for the US, OnePlus’s head of global marketing and general manager of North America Kyle Kiang told Engadget. And the company isn’t making more supply.

You can try to purchase a OnePlus 5T from Europe or other markets, although you’d be better off waiting for the OnePlus 6 to arrive. According to reports, the phone will have an all-screen iPhone X-like design, and the specs you expect from a hight end 2018 Android handset.

OnePlus also said that it doubled its global revenue to $1.4 billion in North America last year, which translates to a 139% growth in the region. OnePlus sales in North America now account for 25% of all the company’s online sales.

“In a category where no one is growing, we’re growing,” Kiang said

The company won’t bring OnePlus 5T supply from other regions, as it requires swapping out AC adapters.

The way OnePlus manufactures and sells phones is something you should make a note of, if you’re a fan of the company. It sure looks like the startup sets manufacturing goals for each flagship production run, and won’t make additional units once the planned quota is sold out for a region. So make sure you order your next OnePlus sooner rather than later.

The OnePlus 6 should arrive at some point in May or June, Engadget says, which is what we’ve been expecting all along.

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