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This device fixes the worst thing about the MacBook Pro

August 26th, 2016 at 4:00 PM
MacBook Pro Graphics Card Upgrade

The best MacBook Pro money can buy right now is amazing. But it still can’t offer you the kind of gaming experience you expect from a computer, and the same goes for virtual reality. Apple might be exploring VR right now, and it’s likely that future MacBook Pros will have better graphic cards so they can handle more complex programs and games. But any existing MacBooks won’t be eligible for upgrades – after all, these are laptops.

To fix that, one company has come up with a device that aims to give any laptop, including MacBooks, a huge boost: Meet the Wolfe.

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We’re looking at an external enclosure that can house the latest GPU models and offer MacBook owners a massive graphics performance upgrade. If the project sounds familiar, that’s because RAZR came out with a similar product earlier this year, but that one isn’t compatible with Apple’s laptops yet.

This is a Kickstarter operation, the Wolfe is still a risky proposition, mainly because backers will have to wait several months to actually get the product — if it goes into production at all. Not to mention that Apple’s way of doing things could always hinder the device’s functionality. One exciting thing Apple could do to fix the same MacBook Pro issue is to launch an updated Thunderbolt Display that includes a GPU slot.

That said, the Wolfe can be backed for $449 on Kickstarter right now, as lower-tier pledges aren’t available any longer. The devices are supposed to begin shipping in February or March next year if everything goes according to plan. The project reached its $50,000 funding goal in less than a day, and has almost a month to go – currently, more than 550 backers have pledged over $200,000 for the Wolfe.

Check out the video below to see it in action.

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