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Free app lets you save seven times more photos on your iPhone

iPhone Photo Storage App

When you think of the name “Avast,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? We can guarantee it won’t be iPhone photo storage apps, but the company just released one that you should absolutely check out. If not for the sleek graphics and the great user interface, check it out for its wizardry: According to Avast, its new app can store 7GB of photos in just 1GB of space.

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What is this magic?!

OK, so it’s not magic at all. Instead, the app uses cloud storage and some smarts to upload all of your photos at full resolution and then save lower-quality versions on your phone. The result is seven times more photos in the same amount of space. Whether you have a 16GB iPhone or a 128GB model, you can certainly never have enough free space, right?

The full description for the Avast Photo Space app follows below along with a link to download it.

Avast Photo Space is your free and safe solution to an overcrowded photo gallery. Don’t let your phone’s limited memory prevent you from preserving life’s most precious moments: with Avast Photo Space, you can store and share as many photos as you can take.

“Why can’t my phone save more photos?”

It’s because your phone’s camera takes high-quality photographs, but it doesn’t optimize them for storage. That’s where Avast Photo Space comes in. We can optimize your photographs to reduce the amount of space they take up on your phone while keeping them easy to share and enjoy. Then, you can upload the original photo onto the cloud service of your choice. Through this method, you can fit 7GB worth of photos into 1GB of space!

It’s simple:

Take a picture with any camera app
Open Avast Photo Space
Set up cloud synchronization (if you haven’t already)
The original is sent to the cloud
A copy is then optimized and saved on your phone

Avast Photo Space comes with its own camera app, which will automatically transfer, optimize, and sync your photos to the cloud. Recommended to save you time and data.

By using the Avast Photo Space app:
Your phone will have much more space for photos (and other apps)
You’ll save money on data by using free cloud storage
You don’t have to agonize over which pictures to save and which to delete
You can delete photos on your phone knowing they’re safe in the cloud
Every picture on your phone can still be shared with friends and family

Avast Photo Space is free to download and use—so you have nothing to lose. Try it today!

Download Avast Photo Space

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