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Let’s all just agree the 2017 iPhone will have an OLED screen

iPhone OLED Screen

I have to keep checking my calendar, because it’s only June 2016, but we already have a pretty solid idea of what 2017’s iPhone is going to look like. I know Apple leaks have been getting worse year-by-year, but this is just getting silly now.

A(nother) well-sourced report from Nikkei has supply-chain research that shows that Samsung and Sharp are ramping up production of OLED screens, in time to be in devices by 2017. As we (and everyone else on the internet) has pointed out, there’s only one mobile company big enough to need this kind of supply ramp-up.

The name starts with ‘A,’ and ends with ‘pple’s going to make an OLED-screen iPhone next year.’

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Let’s just take a moment to sit down, and look at the evidence. Back in April, The Korea Herald had a report that Apple had a contract with Samsung for OLED screens, with delivery to start in 2017.

Then in May, a Bloomberg report said that a number of companies that make equipment to make OLED screens were seeing increased orders, which is a very strong indicator that OLED makers are ramping up production.

Next up was a UBS analyst who spoke to industry insider sources, confirming that someone COUGH APPLE COUGH is buying up a huge number of OLED screens, in preparation for a 2017 device launch.

That’s just the firm evidence! Then, we have the leaks in multiple sources yesterday, which said that only minor changes are coming to the iPhone this year, in preparation for a major, mind-blowing overhaul next year. Could OLED screens be part of that? Heck yes!

By now, let’s just agree that we don’t need any more supply-source confirmation. Next year’s iPhone is going to have an OLED screen. It’s going to be all kinds of contrasty and pretty and fantastic, but we don’t need to hear about it every second of every day until then.