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One photo is all it takes to be wowed by the iPhone 11’s most incredible new feature

iPhone 11 Night Mode

Apple’s iPhone 11 series phones have a bunch of new features that make upgrading from an older iPhone a no-brainer, including a faster, more efficient processor; larger batteries with support for faster charging; and — best of all — brand new camera systems that might just be the best mobile cameras on the planet right now. The cameras also get a feature that Google and other Android handset makers have had for a while now, and that’s a new night photography mode — or Night mode, as it’s called on the iPhone 11 phones.

We’ve already seen reviews detailing the new camera mode, including a camera-only iPhone 11 review from a professional photographer who has reviewed almost every iPhone that has been released in recent years. If it wasn’t already clear how amazing the Night mode feature is, photos from other iPhone 11 users will further drive that point home, such as the following image that was taken at night during a concert.

Music and travel photographer Ryan Russell took the following photo at an Elton John concert, tagging it with #shotoniphone.

The explosion of color and the photo’s clarity are absolutely incredible for an image taken in low-light conditions, which is usually the case for any concert. While Russell didn’t say which iPhone he used for the shot, the image was captured with an iPhone 11 Pro Max according to 9to5Mac. Moreover, the 11 Pro Max “ruled for video as well,” although we don’t have a sample from this particular show. For more Night mode samples, you should also check Austin Mann’s iPhone 11 Pro review.

The new Night mode pops up automatically on all three iPhone 11 models, which means even the cheapest iPhone 11 will support the feature. The Pro cameras feature three lenses, adding a telephoto lens on top of the wide and ultra-wide sensors that are found on all three phones.

Night mode competes directly with the Pixel 3’s highly praised Night Sight, a camera mode for night time photography that Google launched last fall. Now that Apple has caught up in this department, there’s already a debate about which device can capture better night photos.

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