Although the iPhone 7 wasn’t as excited a departure as many smartphone junkies had hoped it might be, reviews proved it was still one of the best phones of the year when it launched in September. The same can’t be said of Google’s Pixel, which was raked over the coals by several prominent publications.

But if you’re more concerned about your smartphone’s camera than you are about hardware design, you might want to give the Pixel a chance.

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On Tuesday, The Verge published a comprehensive camera shootout featuring the Pixel, the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7 edge. If you’re the least bit interested in great smartphone photography, you should read the whole piece, but we’ve gathered some of the highlights for those who want a quick summary.

In direct light, the Pixel appears to lose less detail than the iPhone 7 or S7 edge. Although it doesn’t handle shadows quite as well, the Pixel will leave you with an image you can share on social media without having to worry about editing.

The Verge also says that the Pixel produces crisper images than the other two, though it’s virtually tied with the S7 edge and iPhone 7 when it comes to color and actually appears to fall behind in low-light situations.

That said, the conclusion makes it clear that Google has a winner on its hands, at least when it comes to launching a great smartphone camera:

“If we’ve learned anything early on in our time with the Pixel, it’s that Google was right to be excited about the main camera on this phone. In most situations it is better than the iPhone 7, and it even beats out the Galaxy S7 in some others.”

You can read the rest of the shootout over on The Verge.

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