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Galaxy S10 drop test video shows that all three models are pretty fragile

Galaxy S10e vs. Galaxy S10 Plus

A video a few days ago showed us that the Galaxy S10+ would not survive being dropped on concrete, even though it’s rocking Gorilla Glass 6 on both the front and back. That video also suggested that the screen may malfunction, and the built-in fingerprint sensor might not work. But what about the smaller phones, like the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e? Well, a new video shows that they break just as easily as the Plus model.

The rounded edges of the Galaxy S10 aren’t an advantage when it comes to accidental drops, and we saw that in last week’s video. The brand new clip, which comes from SquareTrade, shows us that not even the Galaxy S10e, with its flat screen design, can handle a long fall any better than the others.

Drops from around six feet will shatter the screen of the phones, damage the corners, and even loosen up the glass. That’s the worst case scenario, you’d think, as you’d have to drop the phone from ear level. But last week’s test also showed that drops from just around three feet would have equally disastrous consequences.

SquareTrade says the Galaxy S10 survived its test even better than the iPhone XS Max. Last week’s drop, meanwhile, showed the opposite. That said, SquareTrade controlled drops using a robot, while humans performed the previous drop test.

No matter how you drop the Galaxy S10, a hard surface will damage the screen and/or the rear panel. As always with high-end phones featuring all-glass designs, you’d be better off buying protective cases for your Galaxy S10+, S10, or S10e, as well as screen protectors. The S10+ and S10, which have fingerprint sensors under the screen, will come with preinstalled screen protectors out of the box, so you have some protection from the get-go.

SquareTrade’s brief drop test video follows below:

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