The current saga involving faulty Galaxy Note 7 phablets from Samsung just can’t seem to die down. Even though Samsung initiated a worldwide recall and has been busy exchanging potentially dangerous Note 7 devices with replacement units, we’re starting to see a growing number of incidents involving new and supposedly safe Note 7 devices bursting into flames.

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Earlier today, we highlighted four instances of Note 7 replacement devices catching fire and exploding. And now comes word via The Verge of yet another Note 7 fire, this one out of Houston, Texas.

According to the report, Daniel Franks exchanged his Note 7 for a replacement unit sometime in late September. About a week later, Franks was grabbing some lunch with his family when his brand new Note 7 — which was just sitting on the table — spontaneously caught fire.

Franks said that his eight-year old daughter regularly plays Minecraft on the phone and wondered what could have happened if she was holding it or it was in his pocket or sitting on a nightstand.

All in all, what was initially a public relations nightmare has now morphed into what may very well be the most serious, embarrassing and dangerous product recall the tech world has ever seen. It’s bad enough that the first batch of Note 7 devices were faulty, but when the replacement units can’t even be trusted, it tarnishes the entirety of Samsung’s brand even more.

Compounding the problem is that Samsung reportedly opted to remain silent even after it became aware of the fact that some replacement units were catching fire and exploding. This is completely unacceptable, incomprehensible and portrays Samsung as a company more concerned with its public image than with the safety of its users.

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