T-Mobile has a bunch of generous Black Friday offerings, but most of them require you to sign up for a two-year service agreement. If you’re not feeling that committed to the uncarrier, then never fear: the company has also teamed up with GoGo to give you an hour of free in-flight Wi-Fi over Thanksgiving.

If you’re flying cross-country to visit your in-laws, perhaps this gift can numb the pain a little.

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There’s nothing you need to do before boarding to enable your hour of free internet. If you’ve used Wi-Fi on a plane before, you’re probably familiar with how this works: fire up your smart device, connect to the GoGo Wi-Fi network once you get to cruising altitude, and open a browser page. You should be redirected to the GoGo landing page, where you’ll want to hit the “T-Mobile Free Hour” button.

Once there, you’ll need to follow some instructions and log in with a GoGo account, which you can make beforehand if you don’t already have. If you’re feeling nefarious, you can use multiple devices like a laptop and then a smartphone in sequence with different GoGo accounts to get multiple hours of free Wi-Fi. But that feels a little bit like cheating here.

This isn’t the first time that T-Mobile has partnered up with GoGo to provide free in-flight Wi-Fi for its customers, but it is the first time it’s offered it to anyone who flies.

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