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Apple teaches us how to take gorgeous pictures with the iPhone 7

Apple's iPhone 7 Camera Tips

If you didn’t know it by now, the iPhone’s camera is crucial for Apple. The company has hundreds of engineers working on improving the camera abilities of its flagship products, and with each generation, the iPhone becomes an even better photography device. In addition to upgrading the iPhone camera, it looks like Apple wants to teach its users how to take gorgeous photos with the iPhone, with a particular emphasis on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Rather than releasing new “shot on iPhone” ads, Apple this week posted on YouTube five clips that can teach you a few basic tricks for capturing better photos with the iPhone.

The iPhone 7 series comes with the best iPhone camera experience to date, but the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus aren’t equals. The 5.5-inch model ships with a dual lens camera that comes with an exclusive portrait mode that’s not available on any other iPhone. That means out of the five clips Apple posted on YouTube, one of them will only help you if you own the iPhone 7 Plus, or plan on buying it later this year — the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s Plus will also have dual cameras.

All of Apple’s lessons are very short, at around 40 seconds each, and teach you exactly what you need to know to improve a single skill. Just follow the instructions on screen, preferably with an iPhone close by, and start shooting. Combine the tips for even better results — here are Apple’s iPhone camera tutorials:

How to shoot action on iPhone 7

How to shoot without a flash on iPhone 7

How to shoot a vertical Pano on iPhone 7

How to shoot a close-up on iPhone 7

How to shoot a great portrait on iPhone 7 Plus

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