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starship News

SpaceX blew up a Starship tank… on purpose!

SpaceX tested the pressure capacity of one of its starship tanks the best way possible: by filling it up until it exploded. The planned explosion and failure helped SpaceX engineers better understand the >>

Watch SpaceX’s Starship prototype fly for the first time

SpaceX successfully launched its SN5 Starship prototype at its facilities in Texas on Tuesday night. The spacecraft traveled roughly 500 meters into the sky before landing a short distance from the launch pad. >>

Elon Musk presents Starship to the world

If you even casually follow space news you’ve no doubt already heard of SpaceX’s Starship. Starship — and the Super Heavy launch vehicle that will send it skyward — are SpaceX’s big bet >>

SpaceX’s StarHopper nails its latest ‘hop’

SpaceX is spinning a lot of plates these days — from various contracts with NASA to agreements with many smaller clients to launch various satellites and spacecraft into Earth orbit — but its >>