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spacewalk mirror

Astronaut loses tool during spacewalk, will never see it again

June 26th, 2020

An astronaut totally lost his mirror while performing a space station spacewalk. The mirror became detached shortly after the spacewalk began, and it was lost to the vacuum of space. The mirror’s fate is unknown, but it’ll likely tumble toward Earth and be destroyed when it hits the atmosphere. Spacewalking astronauts have plenty to worry …

spacewalk live

Watch live streaming video of NASA astronauts on a spacewalk

November 22nd, 2019

It’s another Friday for you and I, so let’s kick back, relax, and think about all the cool stuff we’re going to do (or not do) over the next two days. Personally, I’ve got a whole lot of nothing on deck and I’m really excited about it. The astronauts aboard the International Space Station don’t …

space news

ISS astronauts are having a much more stressful Friday than you are

November 15th, 2019

It’s Friday. If you work an office job, you’re probably doing your best not to should too large of a workload. Maybe you’ll shuffle some papers around and open an Excel spreadsheet so it looks like you’re busy, but let’s be honest, you’re going to spend the day listening to podcasts and fighting off the …

all female spacewalk

The first all-female spacewalk is underway – watch live right here

October 18th, 2019

NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir are making history today. The pair are currently carrying out the first all-female spacewalk in the history of the International Space Station, performing some much-needed maintenance on the high-tech orbiting laboratory. As is often the case, the spacewalk is being livestreamed by NASA, with cameras attached to both …

all female spacewalk

The first all-female spacewalk will finally happen on Friday

October 17th, 2019

You might remember back in March that NASA was planning the first all-female spacewalk in history. The space agency didn’t specifically intend for it to be women only, but it just so happened that astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch were slotted to operate as a team, and it was the first time things had …

nasa spacewalk live

Watch NASA astronauts spacewalking live right here

October 11th, 2019

Two NASA astronauts are currently outside the International Space Station on the second of several planned spacewalks to replace batteries affixed to the outside of the spacecraft. The duo, Andrew Morgan and Christina Koch, are currently maneuvering around the exterior of the space station as they remove old batteries and attach new, more efficient replacements. …

spacewalk batteries

Astronauts are swapping out ISS batteries like it’s an old pickup truck

October 7th, 2019

The International Space Station is a high-tech laboratory and high-flying living space. It’s an incredible structure that has been keeping astronauts safe and helping them carry out scientific objectives for nearly two decades now. But, like any decades-old piece of machinery, the old girl needs a bit of maintenance every now and again, and that’s …