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Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7 Investigation

Samsung to share Galaxy Note 7 investigation report ‘very soon’

January 5th, 2017

It’s been a few months already since Samsung was forced to announce the first Galaxy Note 7 recall, an unprecedented move from the company. But Samsung has not shared any details as to why the phone exploded even after “safe” replacement units were given to buyers in exchange for faulty fire-prone models. Samsung said a …

Galaxy Note 8 Release Date

First details surrounding Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 just leaked

January 3rd, 2017

Some said that Samsung might ditch the Galaxy Note brand following the unprecedented Galaxy Note 7 recall that may have tarnished the phablet line for good, but it looks like Samsung will still churn out new Note models. A Galaxy Note 8 is planned for later this year and it will be released on schedule, a new …

Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Investigation

Why did the Galaxy Note 7 explode? Samsung will finally tell us soon

January 2nd, 2017

Samsung was expected to reveal the findings of its Galaxy Note 7 explosions investigation by the end of 2016. That didn’t happen, but a fresh report indicates that Samsung may soon announce its conclusions together with the South Korean government. The announcement will “most likely” be made on January 10th or by the end of January …

Galaxy S8 Edge Rumors

This is the Galaxy S8 rumor we’ve been waiting for

December 28th, 2016

Even the most hardcore Galaxy Note 7 buyer will have to admit defeat and turn in the potentially faulty phablet, as Samsung and its partners have now begun to disable the handset. But Galaxy Note 7 lovers should be happy to hear that next year’s Galaxy S8 may ship with the Note 7’s hottest feature.

galaxy note 7 recall

The official Galaxy Note 7 death party has begun, thanks to T-Mobile

December 27th, 2016

If you’re one of the last hangers-on still using a Galaxy Note 7, I have some bad news for you: T-Mobile just fired the first shot in what will be the mass execution of Samsung’s beloved-but-combustible smartphone. The carrier just rolled out the anticipated software update that will render any Note 7 that installs it …

Galaxy Note 7 Battery Explosion

Where are all the Galaxy Note 7 explosions?

December 22nd, 2016

We keep talking about the Galaxy Note 7 explosions and the unprecedented recall process that Samsung had to go through, but one thing is very strange: there haven’t been any new Galaxy Note 7 explosions since Samsung decided to terminate the production. While news of Galaxy Note 7 fires would appear day after day during …