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Galaxy Note 7 units purchased from Samsung in the US can’t be exchanged

Shortly after reports of exploding Galaxy Note 7 units began hitting the internet late last month, Samsung issued a worldwide recall of the smartphone. Whether or not you have a potentially faulty Note 7, you can exchange it for a loaner device right away, providing you bought it from a retailer or wireless carrier.

Unfortunately, if you bought the new phablet from, you might be out of luck, as one Note 7 owner found out over the weekend.

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Reddit user yeahbuddy says he has been in touch with Samsung more than once since the recall was issued in order to figure out how he could exchange his Note 7. Two days ago, Samsung informed him that there is no exchange program at the moment for customers who bought their phones on, because both FedEx and UPS refuse to ship Note 7 units due to safety concerns.

In other words, yeahbuddy can’t send his Note 7 back because FedEx and UPS are worried that the phone will explode in the back of one of their trucks. Considering some of the images we’ve seen, we can’t really blame them.

Here’s the full explanation Samsung provided to another customer trying to get a new phone via the exchange program:

I understand you wanted more information about the Note7 Exchange program. At this time due to FedEx and UPS refusing to transport the packages. They have announced that a new program will be introduced for an actual Exchange instead of the Return/Refund system we had previously instituted.

This system was supposed to go live as of today, but as the last details are still being set up, this will be started next week. At this time please keep watch for new details on our website about this program and when it will be live. Please see the phone number and website below, but know the phone number will not be able to assist until next week.

They are stating they hope to have the phones available as early as 9/21/16. I hope this information addresses any questions you may have.

If either of these Note 7 owners want to get rid of their potentially dangerous devices, their only choice at the moment is to manually return their phones, receive a refund and purchase a new phone, as loaners aren’t being handed out to customers who don’t apply for the exchange program. Thankfully, it sounds like Samsung will have this resolved before the end of the week.

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