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Expert says US coronavirus cases could drop to zero in 6 months

With two effective coronavirus vaccines in the pipeline, a top UBS economist believes that coronavirus infections in the U.S. could approach near-zero by June. Effectively combatting the coronavirus will require all Americans to >>

If you have this dog food, throw it out immediately

Dozens of cases of raw dog food have been recalled over the presence of Salmonella. The dog food was sold across multiple states and individuals are asked to avoid feeding it to their >>

Researchers invented a device that can quickly sober you up

Scientists have invented a new system that allows a person to breathe themselves sober. By ensuring that person doesn’t hyperventilate while breathing faster than usual, an individual can breathe out a significant amount >>

Uranus may leak gas into space at least once a day

A new study that modeled Uranus and its magnetosphere suggest that, when the planet is at the correct angle, solars winds can enter the magnetosphere and blow through. The findings seem to match >>