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Surprise: Trump’s fake university was staffed by felons and hucksters

Donald Trump University Staff Members

If you’ve been following the Republican presidential primaries recently, you’ve probably heard quite a bit about Trump University, Donald Trump’s shady defunct entrepreneurial initiative that is being sued by multiple parties for alleged fraud. The Daily Beast has done a review of some seminar transcripts filed in a class-action suit against Trump University and has found that it was staffed by several “huckster motivational speakers” as well as a convicted felon who had no college degree or any background in education.

If you’re shocked by this, you probably shouldn’t be.

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Trump University did hire some actual academics to teach its courses, of course. But as The Daily Beast points out, it also hired a rogue’s gallery of non-credentialed instructors that included “Stephen Libman, a Canadian travel agent turned motivational speaker” and “Geoff Nowlin, an Arizona realtor with a website called” whom one former student claimed “didn’t appear knowledgeable” about real estate. Also on the payroll was “Florida landlord and motivational speaker Gerald Martin,” who “gave students instructions on ‘flopping,’ a controversial tactic that CNN called ‘mortgage fraud.'”

What makes all this so damning is that Trump had promised prospective students that he personally “hand-picked” every faculty member himself. Yet when asked about some of the shadier instructors that Trump University employed, Trump now claims that he didn’t remember hiring them.

At any rate, the questionably qualified instructors are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the shady business practices of Trump University. Check out The Daily Beast’s full report at this link.

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