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Doctor Strange in Avengers: Endgame final battle

Loki bombshell reveals how the Avengers won the war in Endgame

April 18th, 2022

Avengers: Endgame has no unexplainable plot holes because of a brilliant trick that Marvel inserted into the script of Avengers: Infinity War. There was only one chance in 14,000,605 to beat Thanos (Josh Brolin), and only Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) knew what it was. Everything had to happen in a precise order for that to …

Jane and Thor in Thor: The Dark World

Could Moon Knight explain the missing Thor 4 teaser trailer?

April 17th, 2022

The first Thor 4 teaser trailer should have been released already, considering that Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8th. We’re less than three months away from the film’s premiere. And it now has the shortest trailer marketing window in MCU history. We speculated that the imminent arrival of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse …

Wanda killing an Ultron sentry in Doctor Strange 2 TV ad

Doctor Strange 2 teases an exciting Wanda vs. Ultron rematch

April 15th, 2022

Rather than releasing a full-blown Doctor Strange 2 trailer last week, Marvel rolled out a series of shorter clips to promote the start of ticket sales. A misleading video suggested the possibility of some Avengers working together in the film, and we got a much better look at a Captain Marvel cameo. Moreover, a different …

closeup of a young woman holding a musical instrument

You need to watch Netflix’s hilarious new movie Metal Lords

April 13th, 2022

Writer-producer D.B. Weiss started conceiving the movie that would become Netflix’s just-released Metal Lords years ago. Years, in fact, before his involvement with a little TV show you might have heard of called Game of Thrones. “My life was pretty happy and without major incidents, which does not make for great storytelling,” he said in …

Wanda in Doctor Strange 2 clip.

Elizabeth Olsen teases a dark twist for Wanda in Doctor Strange 2

April 12th, 2022

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness might be a sequel in the Doctor Strange franchise, but it’s also a story where Marvel will pair the titular hero with another well-known Avenger. Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) will work with Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) in the film, or so would a recent misleading trailer might have you …

Strange and Wanda talking about Avengers and the multiverse

A heartbreaking Doctor Strange 2 fight scene might’ve leaked

April 11th, 2022

With less than a month to go until the premiere, the Doctor Strange 2 tickets are selling out online, setting new preorder records for 2022. Marvel fans can’t wait to see what happens in this multiverse story that will follow the events of WandaVision and Spider-Man: No Way Home. The trailers already teased plenty of …