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This joy-riding teenager is about to be so grounded

Porsche Crash

Let’s say you’re a 16-year-old who took your mom’s car on a totally illegal joyride and hit a parked car. Should you A: call the police, report the incident, and face your mother’s wrath, or B: hit-and-run, drive to your friend’s house, and completely fail to park the car in a garage, messing up the door in the process?

I know which is the sensible option, but on the plus side, the footage of the failed parking makes for fantastic viewing.

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According to Jalopnik, the Porsche Cayenne belonged to the mother of the unlicensed 16-year-old who is driving it in the video. The hit-and-run happened on June 16th in Vancouver, when the teenager hit a parked car. After doing so (and breaking one of the wheels in the process), he drove to a friend’s house, where he was planning on hiding the car.

As you can see, that didn’t work out too well. The teenager’s parking skills were right up there with his not-hitting-parked car skills, and the car just scrapes along the side wall of the garage for a while. I guess a few scuffs aren’t a big deal when you’ve committed a couple felonies and trashed your mom’s car.

Thanks to the YouTube video, Canadian police have managed to bring the teenager to justice, charging him with hit and run, driving without due care, and driving without a license.

If I were this kid, I’d hope to get jail time just to avoid my parent’s wrath.