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Best wireless phone chargers in 2022

Published Mar 16th, 2022 1:30AM EDT
Image: Amazon / ZealSound

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Wireless charging has become a popular and arguably necessary feature in smartphones over the past several years, and while it can be a nice technology to have access to, finding the best wireless charger that works for your phone can be tough. There are a lot of things to take into consideration, including the price of the charger, and even how well it works with cases.

When looking for a wireless charger, you’re going to want to keep an eye on a few main points. First, what phones it supports. Many chargers will offer specifics on what types of devices they can charge. Most Qi chargers support phones with Qi charging, but some chargers work quicker depending on the charging speeds your phone supports.

Apple MagSafe Charger

Rating: 5 Stars
Apple MagSafe Charger
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More wireless phone charger features to look for

On top of the things we’ve already listed, you’ll also want to keep in mind what kind of case you use. Users with thick cases may need to remove them to charge their phone wirelessly, and some chargers will provide better support for phones in thicker cases than others. Finally, keep in mind where you plan to put the charger and buy one that fits the aesthetic you’re looking for. Some chargers also have bright notification LEDs, which can work fine in living areas but might be annoying at night when you’re trying to sleep.

Now that you know what to look out for, it’s time to find a wireless charger that works for you. To help aid you in that journey, we’ve put together this list of the best wireless chargers available right now.

Do wireless chargers work on all phones?

The answer is no. Not all wireless chargers will work on all phones. But the Qi chargers will work with all iPhones and Android phones. However, some iPhones are also MagSafe, allowing you to get faster charging. Qi chargers should work with your phone but not provide you with fast charging.

Do wireless chargers ruin your phone?

Your phone shouldn’t be ruined. It does depend on the quality of the charger, however. You may experience a surge with a low-quality charger while most wireless phone chargers protect against that and overvoltage. Make sure you read reviews before you purchase. Also, you may have to take your phone out of its case, leaving it more vulnerable to damage.

Is a wireless cell phone charger worth it?

Using a wireless charger allows you to not have to plug anything into your phone. That keeps your phone safer, staying away from fraying cables. It also allows you to keep your phone in a more visible place as it’s charging. It is worth it to own one.

What are phones with wireless charging?

Any phone that offers Qi and PMA charging can be charged wirelessly. Your Android phones and iPhones from the iPhone 8 and newer can be charged wirelessly. The Samsung Galaxy S series, Galaxy Note series, Google Pixel series, and some Huawei phones are all able for this kind of charging. Most newer phones offer this ability.

Best Wireless Charger Overall: Mophie Snap+ Wireless Charging Stand

mophie snap+ chargerImage source: Amazon / Mophie

Pros: Magnetic surface connects to most phones with attachable Snap connector, supports MagSafe, Charges through cases up to 3mm thick

Cons: Requires Snap adapter to use, Doesn’t support cases over 3mm thick

The Mophie Snap+ Wireless Charging Stand is one of the best wireless chargers you’ll find on the market right now. While it does require the use of an additional adapter to work, the magnetic connection makes it easy to connect your phone and start charging it quickly.

It also supports Apple’s MagSafe technology, so those with an Apple iPhone that has MagSafe included won’t need to install the Snap adapter. If you use a case, you might not be able to use the Mophie Snap+ charger, but that’s something that many wireless cell phone chargers run into these days.

Perhaps one of the best things about the Mophie Snap+ charger, though, is its ability to provide fast charge capability to applicable smartphones. This comes with a 15W charging rate. That means your battery can recharge quickly and efficiently if it supports 15W charging. You can also charge it in both horizontal and vertical alignments. It makes it easy to watch movies, check notifications, or do other things with your phone while it is charging.

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Best Wireless Charger for iPhone: Apple MagSafe Charger

Apple MagSafe ChargerImage source: Apple

Pros: Perfectly aligns to your phone back, connects easily to components already included in your phone, stays connected magnetically

Cons: Has left marks on some users’ phones from the magnets after multiple users, doesn’t have a power adapter

MagSafe used to be a big selling point for Apple’s Macbooks and now it is available in many of the company’s latest smartphones, in a different form. The MagSafe charger makes it easy to connect up to your iPhone 12 or newer, allowing you to hit the charging sweet spot every time you go to charge your phone.

The only real downside to this charger is that MagSafe connections only work with the newer iPhones. You can still connect older iPhones that support wireless charging. But they just won’t attach magnetically. There also isn’t a power adapter included in the box, which might be a bit disappointing for some users. You still get the cable, just not an adapter to plug into the wall.

The MagSafe charger is extremely lightweight, and its slick design makes for a wireless pad that looks good on just about any surface. This charger also supports Qi charging, and the magnets allow you to keep your phone on the charger without having to worry about knocking it loose. You can also find plenty of other MagSafe-ready chargers out there.

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Best Wireless Charger for Multiple Devices: ZealSound Ultra-Slim Triple Wireless Charger Station

ZealSound triple wireless chargerImage source: Amazon / ZealSound

Pros: Long enough for up to three smartphones, support for other devices that charge wirelessly, support for cases up to 4mm thick

Cons: Doesn’t offer fast charge for Samsung devices, charging placement can be tricky

Single phone wireless chargers are great, but sometimes you need to be able to charge multiple devices at once. There are a lot of options out there, but the ZealSound Ultra-Slim Triple Wireless Charger Station is one of the best you’ll find.

Not only is it long enough to hold three smartphones side by side, but it also has a smooth leather finish, which makes it work as a decorative item on any tableside in your house. Additionally, you can charge your phone in peace, knowing that it is protected thanks to the built-in short circuit, overload, and overheating protection.

This wireless charger is also one of the friendliest for phones in cases, allowing you to charge through cases up to 4 millimeters thick, so long as they aren’t metal. It also supports between 7.5W to 10W, which means a good, strong, and steady charging pace for any device you put on it. It won’t support fast charge in newer devices, though, so users with more recent smartphones may want to look into other options.

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Best Standing Wireless Charger: Anker PowerWave Wireless Charger Stand

Anker PowerWave wireless chargerImage source: Amazon / Anker

Pros: Notch makes it easy to place the phone on the charger, support for optimized charging, phone can still be used while charging

Cons: Short power cable may make it difficult to set up in the ideal spot, charging LED may be annoying in dark rooms

There are a lot of different charger types out there, but users who still want to make use of their smartphone while its charging will most likely want to go with a wireless charger stand like the Anker PowerWave. Equipped with its own little notch, you can easily place your phone both vertically and horizontally while charging. This makes it easy to watch movies or browse websites while you charge it. Additionally, with a stand charger, you won’t have to worry about hitting the sweet spot as you might on a pad. It can be a hassle to find that.

There are some downsides to this one, though. First, the power cable is a little shorter. This is easily fixable by purchasing another cable, which isn’t a bad idea given the cheaper cost of this particular charger. You also won’t find fast charging support for many newer phones on the PowerWave. That might be a deterrent for those who want to get their phone charged up quickly. Still, at the price, the Anker PowerWave stands tall as one of the best charger stands out there.

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Best Budget Wireless Charger: Yootech Qi-Certified Wireless Charger

Yootech wireless chargerImage source: Amazon / Yootech

Pros: Simple and easy to use, Support for up to 10-watt charging, sleep-friendly LED turns off after a few seconds

Cons: May not work with some devices, can’t charge phones with thick cases over 4mm

Sometimes you just need something cheap and simple to get the job done, and that’s exactly what the Yootech Qi-Certified Wireless charger does best.

It’s not the best-looking charger out there, nor does it hit all the high notes that more expensive chargers hit. But, for just $10, you really can’t ask for much more. It supports up to 10-watt charging, which makes it useable with both iPhone and Android phones. You can also use this charger with a case that’s up to 4 millimeters thick, which is another plus considering the price. This could also be a wireless phone charger for the car, as it can plug into a USB port if you have one.

Finally, the big selling point for this charger outside of the price is the built-in temperature control unit. The included temperature system helps keep the charger and your phone from overheating and limits any issues you might have when using it. It does support full Qi wireless charging, however, it won’t work with a lot of newer phones, so those running the most recent releases will need to invest in more expensive chargers.

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