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Opera launches second beta for Mini 4

Opera has long been known as one of the premier providers of mobile browsing solutions. Their series of Opera Mini browsers have brought real world internet browsing to mobile handsets everywhere, and have done so free of charge, for the most part. The impending release of Opera Mini 4 promises to usher in a new era for Opera, as the company is incorporating many of the features from high-end OEM browsers into their complimentary offering. Most notable is the fluid page scroll and zoom in/out feature that evokes more than a little comparison to the iPhone's version of Safari. This round of beta testing has just gone live, and is open for the general public. The first beta was exciting, though it ultimately had too many bugs to make it a viable everyday solution, but we guess that's why they call it a beta, right? One additional round of beta testing is planned prior to the general release, too. Hit the link to get the goods.


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