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Microsoft to reportedly give Surface 2 same $500 entry price as original Surface RT

Microsoft Surface 2 Pricing

If doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results is the definition of insanity, then Microsoft may have completely lost its mind. After Microsoft’s original Surface RT turned out to be one of the tech world’s biggest duds of the last year and forced the company to write off a whopping $900 million, many expected it would price the upcoming Surface 2 more competitively, especially after the company said that it was willing to slash the price of the first Surface RT just to get it into consumers’ hands.

But the well-connected Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet hears that Microsoft is apparently sticking with its original game plan and will price the Windows RT-based Surface 2 starting at the same $500 price that it gave to the original Surface RT. More amazingly, Foley says that Microsoft still plans to sell the Touch Cover and Type Cover click-in keyboards separately and won’t include them as part of the $500 Surface 2 package.

Foley emphasizes that her information on the Surface 2 pricing comes from “one source only” and that we won’t know for certain how much Microsoft will charge for its new tablets until it unveils the device at a press event on Monday, September 23rd. But if Foley’s source turns out to be right, it would seem that Microsoft’s Surface RT sequel has about as much of a chance of succeeding as the original one did.

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