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Survey shows iOS 6 caused iPhone customer satisfaction to drop

Since its release last week, Apple (AAPL) has seen 100 million iOS device owners update to iOS 6. That figure is certainly impressive, especially when third-party advertising networks back up iOS 6’s swift adoption rate, but according to mobile customer research firm On Device, iPhone satisfaction among users running iOS 6 is lower than it is with users on iOS 5.

In a survey of 16,000 U.S. iPhone owners, On Device says the customer satisfaction average dropped from 7.75 (iOS 5) to 7.65 (iOS 6). Company CEO Alistair Hill says that the firm has “always seen an increase in device satisfaction as consumer upgrade their mobile operating system from one version to another” and that it’s unusual that iPhone satisfaction dropped with iOS 6.

As TechCrunch notes, the drop is so small that it likely won’t affect iPhone 5 sales. Apple is currently under fire for ditching Google (GOOG) Maps for its own map app and it would appear the company’s decision to roll out its own mapping service is what is driving iOS 6’s lower ratings. But even though iOS 6’s new Maps might be a step backwards in terms of performance, iOS 6 still has enough new additions such as Facebook integration, Passbook and a smarter Siri to keep most customers content.


Raymond Wong

Raymond Wong is a technology reporter with a passion for cutting-edge gadgets and clean design. His writing has appeared on DVICE, Ubergizmo, G4TV, Yahoo News, NBC blogs. You might even have seen his videos on Xbox LIVE.