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10 features the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro ‘stole’ from Android, Microsoft and others

iPhone 6s Android Features

“Stole” is a too strong word, but that’s what fans have been saying: Apple stole these features from Google, and vice-versa. That’s especially true in the mobile landscape where companies constantly copy each other, trying to come up with better hardware and software features for buyers.

So let’s see the 11 features the new iPhone 6s and iPad Pro “stole” from Android, Microsoft and others. 

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Apple will tell you it implemented these features when the time felt right, and that’s probably something any other company would say about its own products – just ask China’s Apple about it. The fact remains that these firms are always looking for inspiration from rivals.

Dynamic Wallpapers

Android has had animated wallpapers for years, users will say. They’re just called Live Wallpapers, and don’t have anything to do with user-taken photos.

Live Photos

Speaking of photos, Apple introduced its own GIFs. The Live Photos are interesting animations composed of pictures, videos and sound, which obviously makes them more than GIFs. But to many, they’re pretty much just Zoes, which were created by HTC years ago for its own devices.

More megapixels

Yes, Android devices had more megapixels in their rear and front cameras since forever, but that never helped them top Apple when it comes to camera performance. For the first time in years, Apple updated both cameras to 12 megapixels and 5 megapixels, while making additional improvements which will likely turn the iPhone 6s into one of the best cameras you can buy.

Front-facing flash

Not many phones have a front-facing flash. The iPhone 6s doesn’t have a real flash either on the front of the phone, but the Retina display lights up when selfies are taken at night. Of course, Apple can thank Snapchat for laying the foundation for this feature.

4K video recording

Apple’s new iPhones can record 4K video, though you might not really need it. Obviously, they’re not the first ones to do it, as Android devices beat them to it.

2GB of RAM

Apple never bothered with the “more RAM” competition either, choosing to optimize iOS instead of expanding memory. However, with the iPhone 6s it had to increase the RAM to handle certain features. Android fans will tell you they’ve had plenty of RAM for years. But sometimes not even 3GB of RAM will suffice — just ask TouchWiz fans.

Hey Siri

Always-on listening features are coming to the iPhone 6s series, but they’ve been around the block already, with Motorola making a big deal of the Moto X’s always-on listening capabilities. Google Now has a similar feature that can be used on many modern Android phones.


Stylus support

Yes, the iPad Pro has a stylus, something Galaxy Note phablets and tablets had for years. Microsoft made its own stylus for the Surface tablet as well. But Apple’s is a different kind of device, one that intros the company’s own take on this particular technology. Oh, and it’s called a Pencil.

Split-view multitasking

Running two apps at once is something not all iOS devices will be able to do. In fact, only the iPads that will get this great feature. But Samsung’s Note phablets and tablets have had split-screen apps for years.

Apple iPad Pro + Smart Keyboard = Microsoft Surface + Type Cover?

Yes, Microsoft was the first to come up with a tablet and keyboard combo that targeted business users and casual Windows users, and now Apple is doing the same thing. The difference is that Apple isn’t running its desktop OS on its Surface-like tablet, the iPad Pro. Still, it’s very easy to see where Apple found its inspiration.

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