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The real changes in iOS 8 beta 2 Apple doesn’t want you to know about

iOS 8 Download Release

With each new beta release of iOS 8, Apple details both open issues and fixes for developers in the developer release notes, but for most people, these don’t mean much. Thanks to one of our sources at Apple, we have received an internal change log with release notes to help explain some of the changes from iOS 8 beta 1 to the newer iOS 8 beta 2 release.

There are some incredible new features that have never been discovered before, including the fact that Find My iPhone can now tell you if a phone is indoors and what floor of a building it is on.

Additionally, Apple has made general enhancements to the system as a whole covering all of the major apps like Messages, Phone, Safari, Mail, FaceTime and others.

Stay tuned for more iOS 8 information as one of our guys has returned from holiday and it’s open season again.

  • Improved how AirDrop works between iOS and OS X
  • Fixed issue with AirDrop where connections would be unexpectedly cancelled
  • Resolved an SOS Only problem with the phone instead of displaying No Service in low signal areas
  • Fixed a problem where MMS messages were sent instead of iMessages
  • Improved calendar information in Notification Center
  • Fixed problem with clock app and how it displays analog and digital time
  • FaceTime hands off from cellular to WiFi now
  • Fixed FaceTime app crash and freeze after ending call
  • Improved FaceTime app in landscape, and fixed black bar on right side of screen when ringing
  • Improved Japanese and Chinese character selection in keyboard, improved French, Hindi, and other languages
  • Improved localization for Spanish, Hebrew, Danish, French, Greek, Chinese, Canadian (lol), Bosnian, Norwegian, and others
  • Introduced support for inside and indoor information including floor number in Find My iPhone
  • Fixed bug when deleting emails on iPad
  • Added confirmation for user before sending voice messages when using raise to talk
  • Further improved text message continuity with iPhone
  • Resolved issue where iMessages and text would appear to fail even though they were sent successfully
  • Fixed text message problem where message would show up as unknown with empty message with continuity
  • Fixed problem causing old notifications to display in notification center
  • Introduced spotlight suggestion search in Safari
  • Updated spotlight suggestion search setting using localization
  • Safari now uses SSL for Yahoo searches
  • Resolved problem with Safari Sidebar and animation
  • Fixed problem where keyboard doesn’t switch back to regular letter keyboard after a comma
  • Fixed issue with disabling location service not disabling Find My iPhone
  • Resolved vibrate on ring resetting after user reset all settings
  • Further improved Siri voice pronunciation
  • Fixed problem with preinstalled fonts and dictionaries not copying over during OTA update
  • Fixed issue with voicemail call screen being dimmed, and having to reboot for visual voicemail to function.
  • Improved voice over reading for chinese characters and names
  • Resolved bug showing incorrect weather at a glance
  • Fixed UI not showing the weather for the requested day if it is beyond five days and within ten days
  • Fixed rotating the weather app from list view to city view breaking layout

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