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Life hack video shows how to save yourself from drowning using only your pants

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If you’re ever on a boat that capsizes in the ocean, don’t panic: It’s very likely that you’re already wearing the tool of your salvation. A new lifehack video that’s garnered roughly 200,000 views on YouTube this week shows you have to use your pants as a makeshift flotation device that will keep your head above water in rough seas.

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The man in the video starts by jumping out into water and removing his pants. He then tied the legs of the pants together and slung them around his neck. After this, he inflated his pants by holding the waist open and then cupping his hand and making scooping motions in the water to push air in. The result is a device that works as well as a life vest, although there’s a good chance you’ll have to re-inflate it fairly regularly.

Here are a couple of other basic pointers for making this actually work:

  • Make sure the fly on your pants is facing downward after you wrap your pants around your neck to help it hold air better
  • A square knot seems to be the best way to tie the legs together, although he says that “any overhand knot will do”

Check out the whole video for yourself below.

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