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5 fantastic paid iPhone apps that you can get for free right now – a $12 value!

August 18th, 2014 at 10:05 AM
Best Free iPhone Apps Download

As part of our never ending series of features designed to help you find terrific free iOS apps, we’ve found five more apps that were previously paid that have now gone free for an undetermined amount of time. Taken together, these five apps used to cost $12 total but you can now get every single one of them for free if you act right this minute.

These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they are free at the time this post is published. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “free,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.


MAPS.ME is an offline mapping application that should be a terrific asset for frequent travelers who don’t want to get slammed with data roaming fees. You’ll get access to local attractions, search and other features, all without needing an Internet connection.

Fast detailed offline maps of all countries of the world. Maps work everywhere, anytime. Internet connection isn’t required.

• Useful in hometown, indispensable in travels.
• 345 countries and islands. Every place is covered.
• Works even in the middle of nowhere.
• Pay once, use in any location.

• More details than on the other maps.
• Millions of points-of-interest (POIs): restaurants, gas stations, tourist destinations…
• Up-to-date map data which is added daily by map users worldwide.

• Maps work when no Internet connection is available.
• No roaming charges when traveling abroad.
• Always know where you are.

• Probably the fastest maps ever. Shows map when others don’t.
• Innovative map data compression.
• Maps are impressively small. Save your phone’s memory.

• Download any country map for free.
• Pay once, use on iPhone and iPad.
• Works on any iPad, even without 3G.

• Offline search. Find everything you need of all the objects available on the map.
• Bookmarks. Add any place to the bookmarks list. Then find it easily again and again.
• Export/import of bookmarks. Add bookmarks and tracks from other maps to MAPS.ME. KML/KMZ files are supported.
• Location sharing. Send a pin of any place on the map via e-mail or sms. Share your current location.
• Auto-follow mode. When it is on, the map automatically orients itself to the direction you are moving.

MAPS.ME normally costs $4.99 but can be downloaded for free today only.

Tag Journal

Tag Journal is another great app for travelers, as it gives you a plethora of options for recording your travels, including audio files, picture galleries, videos and plain old text. All together, this is really a comprehensive looking app for documenting every great place your journey to.

New iOS 7 journal/diary, ideal for everyone: students, writers, journalists and travelers will love it!

Record your life events, thoughts and ideas with photos, short videos, notes and voice recordings.

«If you’re looking for an all-in-one journaling and note taking app, Tag Journal may just be it. Aside from a few interface quirks, it’s probably one of the best journaling apps available, and for those familiar with Markdown, definitely check it out, you’ll be glad you did. » —

«Outstanding. Tag Journal brings one of the best designed UIs. It brings light and colorful palette, but retains its minimalism. » —

«Everyone who enjoys writing needs to have a diary at their fingertips whenever the mood strikes. Tag Journal is the perfect tool for all writers!» — Brett Terpstra.

Tag Journal is a universal iOS 7 app, with seamless synchronization to your iPhone and iPad using iCloud.

Keep your journal/diary organized using colorful tags to retrieve your events easily.

– Sync via iCloud to iPhone and iPad apps.
– Photos and short videos (7s): shoot on the spot or insert from your camera roll.
– Sound recording
– Notes with time stamp
– Colored Tags
– Colored Notes
– GPS location and Foursquare
– Internal browser with your favorite links
– Full-screen photo mode
– Apply effects on photos with Aviary
– Search by date or by text
– Distraction-free writing interface
– Write text in full screen mode with Undo/Redo
– Word and character count
– Merge, Move and Attach Notes and text entries
– Multiple elements selection
– Find and replace
– Advance by character and by word easily
– Markdown Syntax Highlighting
– Two text Previews
– Accessory ‘Spanish/Rest of the World’ keyboard with most-used symbols
– Markdown made easy for applying styles, quotes and lines
– Email in PDF, Markdown, HTML and Print
– Send to iMessages
– Send to Facebook and Twitter
– Passlock (may be different for each device)
– View PDF
– Open PDF in…
– Open Markdown in…

Tag Journal normally costs $2.99 but is now free for a limited time.

Hipster CEO

Hipster CEO is a game for anyone who’s ever wanted to try their hand at running a startup company without having to actually put in significant resources or raise venture capital first. Essentially, it’s a way for aspiring entrepreneurs to get a sense of what they’ll be in for should they decide to take the plunge.

Ever watched a show like Dragons’ Den or Shark Tank and thought that you could do a better job? Hipster CEO allows you to prove that you’re the next Mark Zuckerberg by growing your business from a tiny dorm room startup to a global tech powerhouse. And look totally trendy while you’re doing it.

» Choose from a number of tech products to develop, from social networks like Facebook to music streaming like Spotify

» Are you an executive or a tech playground type? Choose the office that suits you best

» Develop a truly innovative product, launch a killer marketing campaign and sell like pro to bring in some coin

» Delight your employees with bonuses and office perks from pool tables to go kart tracks

» Take investment or try to build just from your savings

» Sell your company for the big bucks

» Compare your performance against other Hipster CEOs around the world

Hipster CEO normally costs $0.99 but is now free for a limited time.

Liquid Scale

Liquid Scale has a very simple premise: It wants to let you properly scale images horizontally and vertically without distorting them. In other words, it will let you scale your pictures without the images looking squished as they might with normal scaling procedures.

Liquid Scale allows to scale images horizontally or vertically without distorting the content. A Photo with too much background can be condensed to its main motif. It’s possible to mark image areas to remove or preserve them. No question: Anybody can now perform tricks with images.

Is your image too wide for the vacation blog? Do you need a square avatar photo? Does the beautiful landscape shot not fit into the frame? Using Liquid Scale you can easily adjust the correct size without distorting the image. Move two people closer to each other, remove unwanted third persons or create an impressing panorama.

✔ “Content Aware Image Resizing”
✔ Mark areas for removal or to preserve them
✔ Send results directly by mail or save them into the camera roll
✔ Before-after toggle
✔ Select from three qualities (low, medium or high resolution)
✔ Live Seams View. Using this feature you can see exactly what’s going on while resizing.

Liquid Scale normally costs $1.99 but is now free for a limited time.

RollerCoaster Tycoon

And finally, RollerCoaster Tycoon is a classic PC simulation game that’s been successfully ported to iOS for your enjoyment on the iPhone or iPad.

Based on the beloved RollerCoaster Tycoon® franchise, RollerCoaster Tycoon® 4 Mobile™ is now available on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! Create and share the amusement park of your dreams and construct incredible roller coasters and rides to keep your visitors happy. Create the best park, unlock new materials, and exchange coaster blueprints with friends online to become the ultimate RollerCoaster Tycoon®!

•Intuitive RollerCoaster Editor.
•20 pre-designed coasters.
•Over 50 different attractions, restaurants, concession stands, hotels and decorations.
•Unlock new materials to construct cooler, faster and taller coasters.
•Grow your economy by creating the ultimate amusement park.
•Connect with friends on Facebook and Game Center.
•Share roller coaster blueprints.
•Top the Game Center leaderboards online.
•Game is pre-loaded with over $5.00 of in-game currency.

RollerCoaster Tycoon normally costs $0.99 but is now free to download for a limited time.


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