We’re not so sure this is necessary, especially considering their current status as the kings of the American wireless road, but it never hurts to plan ahead, right? AT&T is set to embark on a campaign to update their brand identity and image, rejuvenating their corporate identity for the kids and such. Beginning tomorrow the company will launch their “Your Seemless World” campaign. The new media blitz will feature a “younger, edgier, style” and will be focused around a series of short TV spots (i.e. commercials) directed by Wes Anderson of “The Royal Tenenbaums” fame. Sounds pretty good to us. The second part of the campaign will be centered around a new website that will allow AT&T subscribers to create a “digital personality” (avatar?) using “modules of color” designed to express how they feel about the digital world. Okay…wait, what?? We honestly have no idea what the heck this means. Time will tell, we suppose. Finally, Orange will be re-adopted as the official corporate color. Bye bye Blue…it’s as if we hardly knew you. Any other curve balls you want to throw our way, AT&T?


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