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This is what it’s like for an Android fanboy to switch to an iPhone 5s

Published Jul 1st, 2014 10:46AM EDT
Android Vs iPhone
Image: Zach Epstein, BGR

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The Android vs. iOS debate will rage on until one or both of these mobile platforms are no longer market leaders. In the meantime, each operating system offers dozens of important pros and cons when compared to its rival. Android’s open nature allows for a much wider range of functionality in third-party apps, for instance, and you can see numerous examples of this in our series on great Android apps that do amazing things the iPhone can’t. On the other side of the fense, iOS offers a much smoother and more refined user experience with an app ecosystem that is second to none.

So, what is it like for a “fanboy” to make the jump from one platform to the other?

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We have seen a number of accounts from people who were deeply immersed in one ecosystem and then took the leap to the other. Most notable, perhaps, were the stories of an Apple fanboy who couldn’t stand to use the Nexus 5 for even 24 hours, and the iPhone loyalist who explained how easy the transition was when he switched to Android.

The switch isn’t easy for everyone, of course, and some people end up going back quickly. Sometimes, however, people switch from one platform to the other and end up loving it.

Reddit user “Joniak” is a self-described Android fanboy who recently decided to ditch his Android phone and try out Apple’s iPhone 5s. And as it turns out, he may never go back.

Joniak put together an informative post on Reddit explaining what it was like to make the switch, and he also listed the biggest pros and cons after a week of using the iPhone. His post is an interesting and level-headed one that is definitely worth reading.

He explains that he had been an Android user for years, having bounced between the Droid X, Galaxy S3, Nexus 5 and the ultimately the HTC One (M7). But then he decided to give the iPhone 5s a try and he ended up loving it.

Among the most important advantages he lists for the iPhone over Android are iCloud, Siri and Touch ID. He also says that iOS apps are “better built” than their Android counterparts, which hugely important and is a sentiment we have expressed a number of times here on BGR.

There are still some things he misses about his Android phones though, and included among them are the larger screen on his M7 and the fact that third-party apps can’t really replace Apple’s pre-installed apps as they can on Android. Joniak also misses how customizable Android was.

The post is definitely a good read and it’s linked below in our source section.

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