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These 7 ‘Ted Lasso’ quotes prove why the Apple TV+ show is so fantastic

Published Jul 22nd, 2021 11:57PM EDT
Ted Lasso Season 2
Image: Apple

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Even though, okay, it’s certainly accurate to point out that the first episode of Ted Lasso Season 2 debuts on Friday, it somehow feels woefully inadequate to lead with that fact about the hit Apple TV+ series. For one thing, you’ve got to add in there somewhere that Ted Lasso also happens to be one of the finest TV shows — across any broadcast or streaming platform, bar none. Which is a claim that might sound impossibly lofty. But once you start reviewing the show’s long, long list of awards and industry recognition it’s already garnered — including the fact that Ted Lasso made Emmy history as the most nominated freshman comedy series ever — it should make the point for you.

Ted Lasso Season 2, debuts July 23

While I’ve already seen all of the episodes of the new season which Apple released early to members of the press, I can’t talk about most of the new season yet because of strictures from the company. Other than to promise, in general, that if you loved Season One and were rooting for Coach Lasso as well as the rest of Team Richmond, in all their underdog glory — from the irascibility of veteran Roy Kent to the arms-folded wisdom of Coach Beard, the bubbliness of Keeley Jones and, of course, the folksy charm of Lasso himself — you’re in for a treat. The old magic, in other words, is back.

Once again, this is that rare TV show which wears its relentless optimism with pride. Almost as if it was a Premier League Trophy, to show off to the world. But the positivity herein isn’t just surface-level, either. Ted Lasso wants you to feel good about feeling good.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered seven of our favorite quotes from the critically acclaimed first season of the show. They span everything from Ted’s dorky sense of humor to his glass-half-full philosophy that he uses to inspire his soccer team. And to inspire pretty much everyone he meets off the pitch, as well. And, for that matter, fans of the show, too, who’ve given the series a near-perfect 96% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

See if some of these quotes take you back to the fun discovery of the show’s initial season. Which arrived at such a perfect time — when there was so much negativity in the world, including the coronavirus pandemic. A half-hour TV comedy isn’t going to solve any of the world’s problems. But it made us all feel better for a little while. And that’s a start.

The best Lasso-isms

1) We’ll kick things off here with an example from the very beginning — from Season 1, Episode 1. This snatch of dialogue is so perfectly emblematic of the show, because it encapsulates the dad joke humor of Coach Lasso. And when paired with the earnestness of Jason Sudeikis’s delivery, that’s what makes you ultimately forgive the cornball cheeriness. This is an interaction between AFC Richmond team owner Rebecca Welton and Ted:

2) Ted, no surprise, uses humor like this throughout the show. To deflect, yes — but, at the same time, it’s kind of strategic on his part. Because his light touch also makes it easier for him to make believers out of people. He came into the situation as an American, for example, with a bit of a Southern accent, plus zero experience coaching a professional English soccer club. And slowly but surely, one by one, pretty much everyone warms up to him. Our next quote is from Season 1, Episode 2. This is a moment when Coach Beard can’t quite figure out why Ted is “windin’ up” one particular player (Roy Kent).

Because he’s the one … If we’re gonna make an impact here, the first domino needs to fall right inside of that man’s heart.”

3) At one point early on, Ted also meets Trent Crimm. A journalist who gives off that seen-it-all, who-does-this-American-think-he-is vibe. He practically sneers at Ted when asking his questions during team press conferences, oozing every bit of British snobbery he can muster. So what does Ted do when he’s being interviewed by the guy? He dials the earnestness up to ELEVEN, of course.

4) From here on out, these next classic Ted Lasso quotes are so good on their own, that the circumstances surrounding them almost don’t matter. In a world where we’re all still freaked out by the coronavirus, when politics and the news media seem nastier and more fractured than they’ve ever been, when is the last time you encountered someone with a philosophy as hopeful as Ted’s here (from Season 1, Episode 2):

“I like the idea of someone becoming rich because of what they gave to the world, not just because of who their family is.”

5) Or how about this one? From Season 1, Episode 10, which was titled The Hope That Kills You. The one where they come so close to winning the big game. Because, like I said, Ted got everyone to believe. And then it didn’t happen. And they still looked to Ted for consolation.

“Please do me this favor, will you? Lift your heads up and look around this locker room. Look at everybody else in here. And I want you to be grateful you’re going through this sad moment with all these other folks because, I promise you, there is something worse out there than being sad. And that is being alone and being sad. Ain’t no one in this room alone.”

6) And with that one, we’ve now come nearly to the end of the list. Nearly. Because here’s the thing: Any rundown of the best Ted Lasso quotes absolutely cannot leave this next one out. Doesn’t matter where it is on the list. It just has to be on it, somewhere. And it comes from Season 1, Episode 2. Specifically, at a moment when Ted is giving some coaching advice to AFC Richmond player Sam Obisanya:

“You know what the happiest animal on Earth is? It’s a goldfish. You know why? Got a 10-second memory. Be a goldfish, Sam.”

Honorable mention

You know what, why not. Let’s squeeze in one more. We noted right off the top that this would be a tally of seven quotes, anyway. This is a great one to end on, especially with how negative everything can feel right now. It’s a line lifted straight from the show, that the official Ted Lasso account also shared on Twitter. Probably good to be reminded of this one, next time you’re having one of those kinds of days where you could use a Coach Lasso in your life:

Ted Lasso Season 2 debuts on Apple TV+ on Friday, July 23. The 12-episode season will start with one episode on July 23, and then one new episode debuting each week, every Friday, for Apple TV+ subscribers.

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