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The craziest cameo in Deadpool & Wolverine just leaked

Published Mar 14th, 2024 9:24PM EDT
Deadpool 3 first look photo shows off Deadpool and Wolverine in costume.
Image: Marvel Studios

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I just can’t wait to watch Deadpool & Wolverine this year because, at long last, Deadpool is coming to the MCU to play with all the Avengers, and he’s bringing Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) along for the ride. For that to happen, this needs to be a multiverse movie. That’s not a spoiler, and Marvel proved it’s not by having the TVA featured prominently in the first trailer.

The multiverse is the only way for these characters to pop up in the main MCU timeline. And that opens the door to amazing cameos that Marvel can deploy in a movie that will easily make $1 billion at the box office. 

It so happens that we saw plenty of rumors covering some of these cameos, and it’ll be amazing to see those characters. But the most exciting cameo of all, at least to me as of right now, might be a mind-blowing surprise that just leaked. 

This is a massive spoiler, so you’d want to avoid what follows if you love surprises. It’s not even a plot spoiler, come to think of it, but it still is a big spoiler.

And on that note, I’ll also say that, somehow, Deadpool 3 is still a mystery. We think we know the gist of it, but the plot hasn’t leaked in great detail. That’s something that happened with every MCU movie since in Phases 4 and 5 so far. And another reason I really want to see this movie. I won’t know beforehand what’s about to go down. 

The expected Deadpool 3 surprises

It’s not just the TVA that Marvel showed in the first Deadpool & Wolverine trailer. We also got all the expected cameos from the franchise, the characters that appeared in the first two movies that Fox made. That’s a great way to set expectations. It’s also a great way to show cameos without revealing big surprises. Remember that we don’t get to see Wolverine in that first trailer. 

Deadpool 3 Super Bowl trailer: The only Wolverine we got to see.
Deadpool 3 Super Bowl trailer: The only shot of Wolverine we got to see.

Those Deadpool 3 fans who have been following rumors closely already know that we’ve had a series of reports detailing the more exciting cameos. Basically, all the original Fox X-Men should show up in the sequel. The original team of Patrick Stewart’s Professor X that is. Magneto (Ian McKellen), too, since you need villains of some sort. Not that Magneto will be the villain of Deadpool & Wolverine.

Those are exciting cameos, of course. But cameos I’m taking for granted, considering what Sony and Marvel did with No Way Home. Deadpool 3 essentially allows Marvel to repeat that cameo frenzy and connect two other big universes of Marvel stories: The Fox Marvel movies and the MCU. 

Let’s not forget that rumors also suggest we’ll get other cameo surprises in Deadpool 3.

The new cameo rumor

 But there will be other surprises, and this is where I’ll tell you about the latest cameo rumor.

This all started a few weeks ago. MWC was winding down in Barcelona, and I was looking forward to the premiere of Dune: Part Two. But I caught this rumor from well-known Marvel insider MyTimeToShineHello. She did not reveal what role Henry Cavill might play in Deadpool 3 but hinted that it wouldn’t be the obvious choice (Captain Britain). 

Having the former Superman actor move to the MCU after Warner fired him would be an amazing development. Having Cavill appear in Deadpool & Wolverine would be even more shocking. I was already excited, but I let this rumor simmer, waiting for more details. 

A couple of weeks later, a different trusted leaker reacted on X to a report that detailed Cavill’s purported Deadpool 3 cameo. Cryptic HD QUALITY replied to a post from a different source that claimed that Henry Cavill is playing a Wolverine version in Deadpool 3

The story claimed that Cavill’s Wolverine would wear a long brown coat. And that’s the tidbit the leaker pointed out in a follow-up.

Separately, the same MyTimeToShineHello reacted to an X community note on her claim that Ryan Gosling had been cast in the MCU. Gosling has nothing to do with Deadpool 3. The leaker mentioned Cavill in her reaction: 

Why is this so exciting?

 Seeing Henry Cavill play a superhero other than Superman is exciting in itself. Make that an iconic Marvel movie, and I’m even more curious to see what Cavill will do with the role after years of playing Superman. 

As for the Deadpool 3 plot, it might not have leaked, but we do expect to see various Deadpool and Wolverine variants in the movie. Rumors said in the more distant past that Deadpool would want Jackman’s Wolverine’s help because this is the best Wolverine in the multiverse. That implies we’d see other variants. And that’s what makes a Cavill Wolverine cameo so interesting. 

Daniel Radcliffe, by the way, might also play a Wolverine version in the movie. Rumors said he would play a “secret” character. But considering that Radcliffe denied claims that he’ll be the MCU’s main Wolverine, that’s the likely character for the actor. 

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel.
Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel. Image source: Warner Bros.

I’ll also point out that Jackman won’t play the MCU’s main Wolverine once the Multiverse Saga is over. We’re bound to discover it, and I wonder whether Deadpool 3 will point us in that direction. 

While Cavill would play a Wolverine from the Multiverse Saga, what if he becomes the primary Wolverine? It wouldn’t be the worst thing for the MCU.

At the same time, Cavill could always play a different character in the main MCU reality in the future. One that has nothing to do with mutants. 

All of this is speculation and wishful thinking from yours truly, of course. But it sure looks like Cavill will appear in Deadpool & Wolverine. And it should be an exciting cameo, even if it won’t be an alternate Wolverine from the multiverse. 

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