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4 big Deadpool 3 leaks make the Marvel reboot even more of a must-watch

Published Sep 11th, 2023 2:42PM EDT
Deadpool 3 first look photo shows off Deadpool and Wolverine in costume.
Image: Marvel Studios

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I don’t know about you, but I’m watching Deadpool 3 in theaters the moment it comes out, whenever that finally happens. And I’ll probably see it at least a couple of times, that’s how much I enjoyed the non-MCU Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) movies. The only problem with the Deadpool franchise was that it had no Avengers in it. Deadpool 3 will change that, as the Merc with a Mouth is jumping to the multiverse, and he’s bringing Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) along for the ride.

No matter how bad the MCU has become recently, I have high hopes for Deadpool 3. Marvel has time to fix its MCU problems, and Deadpool 3 might be one of the projects that help the studio overcome the current slump.

The strikes responsible for halting Marvel’s Deadpool 3 production could give Marvel time to improve the MCU. And while we wait, we’ll probably get even more Deadpool 3 rumors. I’ll cover a few exciting developments from the weekend below, as several sources shared more purported details about the movie. That includes an amazing plot detail that might be hiding in plain sight.

Big Deadpool 3 spoilers might follow below, so do not proceed if you love MCU surprises.

As always with Deadpool 3 rumors, I have to remind you of the biggest known spoiler for the sequel. This is a Marvel movie now, so it must be a multiverse adventure. Not because we expect it to be a direct precursor to Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars, but because Deadpool has to jump realities from the Fox timeline to Earth-616, where the Avengers are.

Conversely, that’s also the reason why Deadpool gets to interact with Wolverine — the Wolverine version we’ve always wanted to see in the MCU. This brings us to the exciting Deadpool 3 reveals over the weekend, starting with the film’s ending.

Deadpool 3 might get its own shawarma scene

It’s too early to tell how Deadpool 3, especially considering that the movie will tie into Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. But insider Daniel Richtman said on Twitter/X that “pizza time” is coming, posting the Deadpool 3 logo.

MCU fans know what that means. The Avengers ended with an iconic shawarma credits scene, where the original six Avengers are all celebrating the win with some quick food. They might have won, but they look pretty beat up, and the shawarma is probably the best thing that happened to them all day.

Insider Alex Perez seemingly confirmed the ending by retweeting the post above. Or he just wanted to remind us about the credits scene mentioned above.

Daniel Radcliffe coming to the MCU

No, Harry Potter isn’t part of the MCU, and he’ll never be. We already have enough magicians, sorcerers, and witches in here. But MCU rumor fans might remember reports that said Daniel Radcliffe has been cast as Marvel’s new Wolverine. Rumors that the actor hilariously denied.

Fast-forward to this weekend and the same Richtman said that Deadpool 3 cast Radcliffe for a “secret role.” I don’t know about you, but if this rumor is accurate, I’d expect Marvel to give us an alternate Wolverine character that Radcliffe will portray.

Remember that Deadpool 3 is a multiverse movie. We already expect plenty of Wolverine and Deadpool variants. But Jackman and Reynolds can’t play all of them.

Not to mention that Radcliffe playing Wolverine would be great fan service and a way to test the viability of this Wolverine option. Just like Marvel tried John Krasinski as Mister Fantastic in Doctor Strange 2.

Deadpool and Wolverine will be back

Regardless of whether the Radcliffe rumor is correct and whether the actor will play Wolverine, it seems certain that the Deadpool 3 protagonists will be back in the MCU. That’s Reynolds’ Deadpool and Jackman’s Wolverine. We saw plenty of reports saying as much in the past.

Insider CanWeGetSomeToast reacted to an interview featuring Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy to say that Jackman will be back and Wolverine. Levy says in the interview that Deadpool 3 might be Jackman’s last shot as Wolverine.

The leaker said that both Deadpool and Wolverine will return.

The TVA might be more important than we thought

That’s not even the most exciting Deadpool 3 weekend rumor. Insider KC Walsh offered an interesting Deadpool 3 scoop that will make us see the TVA in an entirely different light. Apparently, the organization that Kang founded might be recruiting the force of Avengers & Friends from the multiverse needed to beat the various Kangs.

This is an exciting Deadpool 3 plot detail, one I’d love to be accurate. That’s because it also has huge implications for Loki season 2. Or, better said, the events in season 2 will directly impact Deadpool 3. Here’s what the insider said:

#Deadpool 3 is a lead-up to Secret Wars. Realities are collapsing, and the TVA is picking heroes from these dying worlds to put them in the one universe (New Earth/Battleworld). Wolverine is chosen from the Fox universe and finds an imprisoned Deadpool, and they start their adventure.

In a separate tweet, Walsh added that Wolverine and Deadpool will want to save Wolverine’s dying universe and friends.

Without referencing the TVA’s involvement, leaker CanWeGetSomeToast teased the importance of Deadpool 3 relative to Secret Wars, likening it to what Infinity War is for Endgame.

As usual, with leaks, there’s no way to tell whether these are accurate. What’s certain is that Deadpool 3 has a finished script, and Marvel only stopped the production after the actors went on strike. It seems unlikely that Deadpool 3 will make its May 2024 release, but Marvel and Disney are yet to announce changes to the MCU calendar concerning theatrical releases.

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