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New Thor: Love and Thunder clip delivers exciting spoiler ahead of release

Published Jun 6th, 2022 12:43PM EDT
Jane Mighty Thor (Natalie Portman) holding a repaired Mjolnir
Image: Marvel Studios

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The Thor: Love and Thunder premiere is just over a month away, so we’re about to be bombarded by Marvel’s final marketing push. The first new clip from the film dropped during the MTV Movie Awards, and fans of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) will absolutely love it. The footage is an extended scene from the earlier Love and Thunder trailers. It shows us Thor’s reaction to seeing the Mjolnir hammer again.

We knew the Mjolnir would return in Thor 4, even though we saw it destroyed many years ago in Thor: Ragnarok. Marvel never tried to hide this plot detail. But spoilers from the new Love and Thunder clip do follow below.

If you don’t like watching trailers and promo clips, you’ll want to avoid the MTV Movie Awards footage as well, no matter how brilliant the scene might be.

Who fixed Mjolnir?

Marvel waited longer than usual to release the first trailer for this new MCU movie. But Marvel’s shortened marketing period will surely not hurt the movie’s box office take. If anything, a Thor 4 film with Taika Waititi at the helm sells itself, even without any big trailer reveals.

Not to mention that fans will surely appreciate not having to wait as long for new trailers or TV clips, given that the film’s July 8th release is almost here.

The two Love and Thunder trailers so far have delivered various exciting revelations. We saw Jane (Natalie Portman) in her Mighty Thor costume rocking that Mjolnir hammer, much to the dismay of Thor. The God of Thunder, by the way, is no longer fat.

We also met Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) and Zeus (Russell Crowe). And we saw all the Guardians of the Galaxy, Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), and Korg (Taika Waititi). There were plenty of battle scene teasers in the trailers, and a teaser for a significant death in the movie.

And let’s not forget about naked Thor.

A surprised and excited Thor (Chris Hemsworth) foolishly believing he can get Mjolnir back.
A surprised and excited Thor (Chris Hemsworth) foolishly believes he can get Mjolnir back.

The Mjolnir reveal is easily one of the most exciting details in the new clip, considering what Marvel told us in the trailers. Contrary to some theories, it’s not Thor who will repair the hammer. He’s surprised to see it reforged, reaching with his hand to grab it.

That’s a scene we have seen numerous times in the MCU so far. But the Love and Thunder trailers deliver the big Mjolnir twist.

It’s Jane who now dons the hammer, and Mjolnir responds to her. Also, she’s wearing a costume that looks a whole lot like Thor’s.

MTV Movie Awards Thor: Love and Thunder clip

This brings us to the full Thor: Love and Thunder Mjolnir scene Marvel showed during the MTV Movie Awards. As you’ll see in the video below, Thor is involved in some battle on Earth when he sees his beloved hammer.

Thor must have just witnessed Mjolnir in action, and he’s desperately searching for it in the crowd fighting around him. But the way he calls for the hammer is what makes this scene so amazing. He tries to get it by whistling and saying “here boy!” as if Mjolnir was a dog.

We’re looking at brilliant Waititi humor, fitting his vision for Thor movies.

Just like that, we’re shown how much Thor missed this iconic weapon. And that he had nothing to do with the Mjolnir repairs.

The God of Thunder finally sees the hammer, reaching to grab it, with the action dropping to slow motion. “You’re back,” Thor says with excitement and relief. But just as he’s about to reach it, Jane yanks it from him. And Thor sees her for the first time, as she strikes one of Thor’s famous Mjolnir poses.

Marvel knows better than that to provide additional answers. We don’t know why the two superheroes are in that fight, which looks like it’s taking place on Earth. And we’ll have to wait for the full Love and Thunder release to hear Jane explain how she got Mjolnir back.

Separately, there is one more Mjolnir detail you should be aware of. It’s courtesy of the second Thor 4 trailer, which tells us Jane will have a novel way of using the hammer, aside from just summoning lightning.

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