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Netflix new releases: We say goodbye to The Crown, plus 5 other titles for your watch list

Published Dec 9th, 2023 12:05PM EST
The Crown on Netflix
Image: Justin Downing/Netflix

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At one point during next week’s six-episode final installment of The Crown, a newly elected Tony Blair declares during a speech: “We must change not just the politics of this country, but the soul of this country.” It’s a clear shot across the bow, intentional or not, at the traditionalist, hidebound monarchy at the heart of Netflix’s critically acclaimed series, which takes its final bow come Dec. 14 with the introduction of a new era of Royals — and which is also just one of a jam-packed slate of Netflix releases coming over the next seven days.

Regarding The Crown, specifically, what’s coming next week is part two of the sixth and final season of creator Peter Morgan’s addictive drama about the UK’s Royal Family. Among the many highlights of the new season, viewers watch the romance blossom between Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed (leading up to that fateful car journey); the monarch rides a wave of public disapproval; the Queen reflects on her life in the lead-up to the Golden Jubilee; Charles and Camilla finally wed; and, via Prince William and Kate Middleton, a new royal fairy tale begins.

The Crown on Netflix
Meg Bellamy as Kate Middleton and Ed McVey as Prince William in “The Crown.” Image source: Justin Downing/Netflix
The Crown on Netflix
Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth. Image source: Netflix

Imelda Staunton, of course, has returned a final time to reprise her iconic turn as Queen Elizabeth, England’s longest-serving monarch who died in September at age 96. “I felt like everyone, her whole life, was sitting on her shoulders, and I think that’s what people feel when they met her — that you’re looking at history,” Staunton said about the queen in a Netflix promotional interview. “The monarch is a thing. Royalty is a thing, and to remain as dignified as she was was an extraordinary feat.”

Following its debut on the streamer in 2016, The Crown would go on to launch the careers of actors like Claire Foy and Emma Corrin (who’s currently wowing critics and viewers in FX’s A Murder at the End of the World). “I feel relieved that we’ve got here,” executive producer Suzanne Mackie tells Netflix’s Tudum site. “It’s like climbing a mountain. You get to the summit and then you go, ‘Oh my god, that’s it. What am I going to do next?’

Continues Mackie: “Working on a show of this scale and this prominence with a team that’s worked together very closely for 10 years, you become very close to each other. The thought of that ending is very sad, but at the same time, I’m so pleased we got here.”

As for the other big new Netflix releases that will be worth your time over the next seven days, here’s a rundown of some of the other notable worth checking out:

Under Pressure: The US Women’s World Cup Team: Among the upcoming week’s other Netflix releases, the streamer is releasing a four-episode docuseries about the US Women’s World Cup soccer team that became an avatar for the culture wars roiling the country.

The team’s biggest star, Megan Rapinoe, for example, is known as much and perhaps more for being a progressive activist than a professional soccer player. When she missed a penalty shot that caused the team to fall short in the recent World Cup, President Trump used his Truth Social platform to dog her: “WOKE EQUALS FAILURE. Nice shot Megan, the USA is going to Hell!!!”

Under Pressure: The US Women's World Cup Team on Netflix
Alex Morgan, in “Under Pressure: The US Women’s World Cup Team” on Netflix. Image source: Netflix

Netflix, meanwhile, promises a first-hand look at the joys and hardships of the women’s team as they made a run for their third World Cup title. “Issues ranging from injury, criticism and doubt, equal pay, and upholding legacies are all brought to light as the narrative unfolds,” Netflix’s summary explains. Release date: Dec. 12.

Kevin Hart & Chris Rock: Headliners Only: It’s been another big year on the standup comedy front for Netflix (and it looks like it’s going to end with a bang, thanks to Dave Chappelle’s upcoming new special). Coming on Tuesday, meanwhile, is a Netflix documentary film about two all-time comedic greats who also happen to be longtime friends — Kevin Hart and Chris Rock. The movie promises an “unparalleled, behind-the-scenes look at their friendship and careers.” Release date: Dec. 12.

Single’s Inferno (Season 3): The hit Korean reality dating show is back for a third season. All of the contestants in this (admittedly addictive) show start off living together on an island called “inferno.” That basically just means they’re living close to the elements, minus the creature comforts we’re all used to. After a series of games and challenges each day, contestants then get the chance to pair up and ask someone out on a date — to a separate island called “paradise,” where there’s a sumptuous, amenity-laden resort. Release date: Dec. 12.

Single's Inferno on Netflix
The commentator panel, shown during Season 3 of “Single’s Inferno.” Image source: Netflix

Carol & the End of the World: From Netflix’s official logline for this 10-episode animated limited series, “With a mysterious planet hurtling towards Earth, extinction is imminent for the people of the world. While most feel liberated to pursue their wildest dreams, one quiet and always uncomfortable woman stands alone — lost among the hedonistic masses.” Release date: Dec. 15.

Leave the World Behind: Finally, we alluded last week to Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail’s chilling new apocalyptic movie (backed by the Obamas’ production company Higher Ground), and we’ll wrap up this rundown of the latest Netflix releases by noting that Leave the World Behind is now available to stream. The film, based on the 2021 National Book Award-nominated novel of the same name by Rumaan Alam, tells the story of a family’s vacation that gets interrupted when two strangers arrive at night, fleeing the devastation of a cyberattack. Now streaming.

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