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Here’s what one breakout star from Marvel’s ‘Loki’ has to say about the finale

Published Jul 13th, 2021 2:36PM EDT
Loki Finale
Image: Marvel Studios

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It seems like just yesterday we started watching Marvel’s Loki, but the first season is almost over. The Loki finale streams on Disney+ on Wednesday, and we’ll soon know how this fantastic adventure concludes. Loki is the best MCU story for television so far and easily one of the best titles in the entire Cinematic Universe.

The show managed to deliver on two amazing fronts. First of all, it took a character we knew and told a different redemption story that’s unlike what we saw from Loki in the movies. Secondly, it used Loki’s story to provide the new rules of engagement. Phase 4 will feature plenty of multiverse action and Loki establishes the ground rules. We’ve learned of the Sacred Timeline, alternate realities, Nexus events, time travel, and the TVA’s role in all of this. Episode 6 will reveal the show’s biggest mystery and set the stage for the multiverse of madness that will follow. And one of the breakout stars from Loki just gave us a little teaser regarding the show’s upcoming final episode. Before we go any further, we’ll note that some minor Loki spoilers might follow below.

Remember to manage expectations!

The WandaVision finale taught fans a valuable lesson about Marvel’s Disney+ stories. And it taught us the hard way. The shows tell specific, simple stories. We’ll get plenty of exciting MCU moments, including cameos and Easter eggs. This is, after all, an MCU story, so they’ll use as much lore as possible. But Marvel won’t overcomplicate things. And it won’t include any big reveals in the TV shows. Those are saved for the movies. Marvel said that it’s creating the shows with the idea that anyone watching the movies won’t need to see the TV shows first. Then again, Disney wants to drive as many people as possible to its streaming service, and the shows will help with that. Especially Loki.

Expectations were so high for the WandaVision finale that fans were told ahead of time that they might be disappointed. The Falcon finale played differently. We saw it coming, and we knew not to fuel those expectations again.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) in Loki episode 3. Image source: Marvel Studios

The Loki finale teaser sounds different

With Loki, the only expectation I have is for the finale to be at least as impressive as the previous episode. That is already an expectation I might have to temper.

But the tone is different this time around from people involved in the series. There is no warning that we might be disappointed. In fact, the opposite is the case this time around. Actress Tara Strong, who voices Miss Minutes in the show, spoke to Murphy’s Multiverse about the finale.

Strong did not reveal any big Loki finale spoilers, not that we expected her to. But she said that fans are going to be “so happy” with what happens next:

They’re going to be so happy. A lot of times you watch a show and you’re invested in a show and the final episode leaves you disappointed. And I think this series of Loki, from start to finish, has been one of the most stellar, perfect shows I’ve ever seen and everyone’s just going to happy and excited and feel like they’ve gone on a great, great ride.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in Loki Episode 2. Image source: Marvel Studios

Who is Miss Minutes?

Miss Minutes is easily one of the show’s highlights. It’s the TVA’s AI that seems like it might have a mind of its own. We saw it sporadically in the five episodes so far, and we got to meet various faces of this animated character. Some theories say that Miss Minutes might be even more nefarious than she is letting on. After all, she’s been with the TVA probably since the beginning. And we might very well get to know her better in other MCU stories featuring the TVA.

Strong acknowledged the online interest in the animated AI character without revealing anything too juicy about Miss Minutes:

I love, you know, connecting with the fans and seeing what they’re doing on social media. I’ve loved all the art that’s been made. It’s been incredible. And I love all their theories, I can’t comment if things are right or not, but it’s been fun to see people so invested in the show.

Interestingly enough, the actress said she didn’t have a chance to research the character’s backstory. The implication is that she doesn’t know the origin story. Therefore, we might not get all our TVA questions answered in the Loki finale. Then again, episode 6 will be all about Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) meeting the mysterious person behind the curtain.

Loki episode 6 airs on Disney+ early on Wednesday.

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