YouTube Red, the ad-free offline version of Google, hasn’t been a tremendous hit since it first launched. It turns out that if you give people a choice between $10 a month or watching ads, they’ll sit through four seconds of commercial ever time.

But what if Google dangles a shiny new Chromecast in front of you? Well, that changes things a little.

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According to numerous reports, YouTube Red subscribers are getting mysterious emails in their inboxes today, giving away a brand-new Chromecast as a thank-you for signing up to YouTube Red. The email gives no real reason:

Thanks for being a part of YouTube Red

Here’s a gift we hope you’ll love. Now through June 19, 2016, claim your very own Chromecast from YouTube Red. It’s on us! No strings attached, just a little treat for being one of the first people to join the party.

With Chromecast, you get a bigger picture. Simply plug it in and stream any YouTube song or video directly from your phone, tablet, or computer to your TV. We hear YouTube Red members love being able to watch ad-free videos on TV, so we thought we’d help you get started.


It’s unclear whether you’ll get the email if you sign up for YouTube Red right now, but it might be worth a try. Thanks to a promo offer, the first three months only cost 99 cents, which is a pretty good deal if there’s also a 5% chance you’ll be getting a free Chromecast as well.

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