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First Deadpool 3 plot leak reveals Wolverine’s fate, if it’s true

Updated Nov 9th, 2022 11:07AM EST
Image: Ryan Reynolds

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Deadpool 3 is finally official, as Ryan Reynolds dropped the announcement on Twitter a few weeks ago. The actor did more than merely reveal the film’s release date. He also confirmed that Deadpool 3 will bring back Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. Sadly, Marvel then delayed the release date as it reshuffled its schedule. But with more than two years left to wait, it looks like we already got the first Deadpool 3 plot leak.

This is where you stop reading if you want to avoid potential MCU spoilers.

The main point of Deadpool 3 is to somehow bring Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) to the MCU. The Merc with a Mouth resides in a different reality, as Fox handled all the X-Men movies until 2019. 

Therefore, we expect Deadpool 3 to be a multiverse story even without seeing any plot leaks. Whatever happens by the end of it, Deadpool will find himself in the MCU. That’s the only way to team up with the rest of the Avengers in future crossovers like The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars

Deadpool 3 "Part Hugh" update: Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman video.
Deadpool 3 “Part Hugh” update: Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman video. Image source: YouTube

As for Wolverine, there’s no way to tell how long Hugh Jackman will reprise his role. And there’s no guarantee that Marvel will keep Logan in the MCU for more than one movie.

But Jackman famously said he’d return to the role for a chance to star alongside the Avengers. The next big crossovers will arrive after Deadpool 3. I’m of course talking about Avengers 5 (The Kang Dynasty) and Avengers 6 (Secret Wars). 

It wouldn’t be surprising for Marvel to try to keep Jackman’s Wolverine in the MCU for a while longer, especially if fans love Deadpool 3. But that’s just speculation at this point. 

The Deadpool 3 plot leak

We haven’t seen any significant Deadpool 3 leaks so far, with the film’s writers teasing a few months ago that we’re looking at a fish-out-of-water plot for the movie. We also know from Kevin Feige that Marvel has ambitious plans for this particular episode.

But the moderators of MarvelStudiosSpoilers surfaced a Deadpool 3 plot leak from an unverified source.  The mods do say they have reason to believe the information isn’t genuine, according to information from one of their verified sources.

The leak claims that Deadpool 3 is Wolverine’s “one and done” MCU movie. It’s a father-and-son story about Logan and Daken. Logan had a kid during the events of The Wolverine, but he doesn’t know it. 

Deadpool 3 logo.
Deadpool 3 logo. Image source: Marvel Studios

The first time the two meet and fight, Daken is supposedly sucked into the MCU. And Daken will end up being the MCU’s primary Wolverine, according to the leak.

Deadpool is there to meet Hugh Jackman for drinks, the leak claims, but the two get involved in a multiversal road trip to the MCU to find Daken before he becomes evil. Deadpool will eventually stay behind in the MCU to look after Daken, while Logan goes back to the Fox universe, where he needs to be for the Logan continuity.

The plot leak says the Deadpool 3 timeline is messy, “but it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

“It’s more or less a movie where Deadpool and Logan will be hanging out, exploring universes, and making fun of every MCU trope along the way,” the leak notes. 

The film’s villain is not Daken, however. It’s another unnamed mutant who can harness the power of dimensional travel. This person supposedly uses Cerebro in the Fox universe to reach the MCU, taking millions of mutants along for the ride.

That would be crazy, and it could open the door to all sorts of mutant adventures in the MCU.

Again, this Deadpool 3 plot leak comes from untrusted sources, so don’t get too excited about it. But you may be able to trust Hugh Jackman when he says the movie won’t be called Deadpool 3.

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