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Someone who claims to have seen ‘Avengers: Endgame’ might’ve just spoiled the entire movie

Published Apr 5th, 2019 3:18PM EDT
Avengers: Endgame Leaks
Image: Marvel Studios

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We’re exactly three weeks away from the Avengers: Endgame premiere, which means we’re going to see more and more fan theories and purported leaks with each day that brings us closer to the MCU film we’re all been dying to see. We’ve mined those misleading trailers that Marvel put out for clues as to what will happen next, and we saw plenty of spoilers trickle from toy leaks and Marvel partners. Even though we have an idea of the film’s plot, especially the early part of the first act, we’re barely scratching the surface of a movie that’s going to be over three hours long. And that’s because there just isn’t enough confirmed information to work with.

That said, there are still plenty of leakers who claim to have had access to the movie, and we’ve already featured a bunch of those accounts. But there are all sorts of conflicting details in these leaks, and while certain plot elements do overlap, we can’t trust any of it for sure. I’m telling you all this just as I’m about to show you what happens in Avengers 4, according to a person who claims to have seen an early screening of the film. There’s no way to verify any of this, but some information does seem to be supported by other leaks. Now’s your last chance to leave if you want avoid some potentially massive spoilers.

A French Redditor who has absolutely no idea how to use punctuation while writing in English posted a rather detailed account of what he claims is the Endgame plot, from start to finish. seegsfw2twys detailed all the action in the movie, the epic confrontations, and told us who will die by the time the credits roll. He or she also said this Endgame screening took place two months ago, well before the film was finished. The CGI effects weren’t done, and no post-credits scenes were shown. This is an important detail, as we know that two months ago the Russos were still working on the final cut of the film. Not to mention that the score wasn’t final either.

Image source: Marvel Studios

With all that in mind, we’re going to check out this alleged Endgame recap, which was cleaned up by Reddit user Jeccems. In what follows, you’ll see exactly what the French Redditor had to say about the film, complete with comments and links to any supporting evidence where available.

I saw a test screening for Avengers Endgame 2 months ago. Please forgive my English as I live in France but anyway:

Movie opens with Thanos on a planet, but I cannot remember its name. Thanos is very happy that he did the snap. It then flashes to Tony looking into space and Nebula telling him oxygen is running out fast. Tony starts recording his message to Pepper and then decides to try and repair the ship.

Title card.

All of this makes sense because we’ve already seen all these scenes in the trailers. We know by now that Tony and Nebula will return to Earth, either because they’re able to fix the ship themselves, or because someone saves them.

Back on Earth at Avengers HQ, Banner, Cap, Nat, and Rhodey are talking about Thanos when there a knock on the door – it’s Klein giving them Fury’s pager, telling them he’s gone. Banner then takes it and analyzes it finding that it’s sending a signal but losing power. Nat and Cap go and have a talk about everything. Steve and Rhodey go to the snap [support?] group. Banner and Nat talk about the Hulk. Banner once again tries to bring the Hulk out but the Hulk again refuses.

The interesting detail here is that Klein returns, a SHIELD agent who we last saw in Civil War. But his name was also mentioned in the Infinity War credits scenes right before Nick Fury and Maria Hill were turned to dust. Interestingly, the French guy says nothing about Captain Marvel’s arrival, which is now common knowledge thanks to the Captain Marvel credits scenes.

Image source: YouTube

I’m just going to hit key plot points now.

The Avengers go to Thanos to fight him but are easily defeated. Thanos holds Capt Marvel by the neck, but Thor saves her. She is depowered a lot. Thor uses Stormbreaker to bring them back to Earth where Banner is treating Tony. Banner goes over to a weakened Captain Marvel and asks to scan her. She agrees. Tony and Banner look at the results and are stunned by it. They decide to make devices that can copy Infinity stones, but then they realize they can’t. Tony and Pepper leave. Capt Marvel goes with Thor to find his people. Rocket stays with Banner trying to find a way to time travel.

We already know they’re going after Thanos on his retirement planet because Marvel revealed as much on two separate occasions when it showed the same Avengers 4 scene behind closed doots. That scene, however, did not reveal how the first battle against Thanos ends.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Time skip happens – I’m going to speed thing up.

The Avengers go back in time to copy Infinity stones from each place they remember having seen them. Nebula tells them it’s (Soul stone?) on Vormir, but she tells them to get it they need to lose someone they love. Cap says no because they lost too many already. They make a plan to fight past Thanos on Vormir. Banner, Tony, Thor, and Cap go to fight past Thanos. Thor nearly defeats Thanos before he uses the Power stone. Tony uses a device on Thanos to stun him for a minute so that Banner can copy the stone. They get out of there.

This is where the story gets a little complicated. Just before, the Avengers realized they couldn’t copy Infinity Stones, but now they suddenly can? We’ll just chalk this up to issues with the translation.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Present Thanos now knows their plan and goes to Avengers HQ. When the Avengers are exiting the Quantum realm, he is there waiting with the Outriders. He is enraged and starts his attack. Thor and Capt Marvel defend the Stark Gauntlet (I forgot to say he’s making one).

We already saw plenty of evidence that says Thanos will attack the Avengers HQ and that Tony is manufacturing his own Infinity Gauntlet version, so this seems to only reinforce these ideas.

Banner finally becomes the Hulk and goes for Thanos. Thanos uses the Mind stone on Hulk to try and make him turn on the Avengers, but the Mind stone ends up merging the 2, and the Hulk attacks him. This Hulk is a fucking badass, and to those wondering professor Hulk has no safeguard [?] so he’s a beast. Anyways Thanos and Hulk go at it. Thanos nearly defeats him before Thor helps him. The rest of the Avengers go on the attack before he gets away. He uses all six of the stones and destroys Avengers is with Stark Gauntlet [?]. Thanos then stomps on the Avengers logo and gives them a speech on why he did the snap before War Machine blats him with the proton cannon. Thanos uses the space stone to retreat, Tony, realizes that his gauntlet was destroyed but Hawkeye explains the erui mental [?] and tells Tony where it is.

An interesting detail here is Thanos stomping on the Avengers logo, which is something we saw in a recent figurine leak. The same leak also hinted that Hulk would finally come out in time for the Avengers HQ battle. The French Redditor seems to confirm this plotline — either that or the person merged information from that toy leak into his screening story.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Also, what is that “erui mental?” Is it metal from Eitri the giant dwarf who made Thor’s hammers and Thanos’s Gauntlet?

The Avengers go to it and defeat some arms dealers. Tony forges it, and the Hulk wields it and brings everyone back but loses his arm. Every dusted victim comes back. Tony builds the Hulk a new arm Tony tells them all they must all fight Thanos whatever the cost, whatever it takes. Doctor Strange teleports them all to Thanos. It’s everyone vs. Thanos. Thanos still holds them off, but Thor uses Stormbreaker to cut off Thanos’ arm. Cap runs, grabs it, and teleports Thanos somewhere before he gets erased.

A person who claimed to have worked on the Endgame set said a few weeks ago that Hulk loses his arm while using the new gauntlet, which was made from Thor’s Mjolnir hammer. The same story suggested that Captain America will indeed die after trying to use the Avengers’ Infinity Gauntlet himself. Again, this screening either confirms the previous leak or uses information from that one to make us believe all of this is genuine information.

The movie ends with Cap’s funeral, and Tony gives a speech. Bucky takes on the Captain America mantle. Tony hands him Steve’s shield. Hawkeye leaves with his family leaving his bow behind. Thor goes to rule his people in Norway. Banner says he needs to leave to find out more about his powers. Widow says she has unfinished business. Captain Marvel will assemble the rest of the heroes.

They did not show the post credit scene(s) to anyone so don’t believe leaks that describe them.

Image source: Marvel Studios

In other comments on Reddit that are somewhat difficult to put in context, the same person said that nothing is left of Steve Rogers after he snaps Thanos away, only his shield. Peggy also appears in a flashback, but that’s about all we can tell. The same goes for The Ancient One, who pops up in a flashback.

Loki, meanwhile, is dead for good and he only appears in the Battle of New York, which they’ll revisit at some point.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Pepper will wear the Rescue suit in the final battle when everyone is fighting Thanos, and the Redditor says Thanos will be defeated by the end of the film. That’s where War Machine will have a crucial role in defeating the Titan. “As for the fight scene it’s the best fight scene in a movie that I’ve ever seen it’s literally everyone v Thanos,” the person wrote.

Hawkeye was tracking “the uri,” whatever that is, before Natasha finds him.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Doctor Strange will take the Gauntlet from Cap, the Redditor also said, but he didn’t provide any other details about the other superheroes who were turned to dust in the previous movie. This casts some serious doubt on the entire account of the movie — since Spider-Man is alive and well in the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer and Marvel confirmed that the movie takes place after the events of Endgame, so the dead heroes are obviously resurrected.

The other Captain, Captain Marvel, has an important role because her powers come from the Space Stone, although Hulk and Thor are supposedly the hard hitters in Endgame. She might be in a lot of scenes as well, but it’s unclear from the comments seegsfw2twys posted. Of note, he or she did say at one point that “anything that I say happens can change because [I’ve] seen this when CGI wasn’t done and reshoots were [happening].”

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