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Massive ‘Avengers: Endgame’ leak spoils hero deaths, a surprise villain, credits scenes, and more

Updated Mar 17th, 2019 8:33AM EDT
Avengers: Endgame Spoilers
Image: Marvel Studios

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The hardest part when reporting on spoilers for movies that you want to see yourself is that you’ll know ahead of time what’s about to go down. Take the credits scenes from Captain Marvel that leaked a few days before the premiere. I stayed in the theater to see both of them, but I hated that I already knew what was about to happen. All the while, most of the people around me reacted with surprise and excitement after seeing the connection to Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

The only reason why I’m telling you all this is because just like me, you won’t be able to unsee what you’re about to read. We’ve talked about people leaking some events from Endgame in the past, but this time we might be looking at the biggest Endgame leak ever. So, beware, Avengers fans, because SOME TRULY MASSIVE SPOILERS follow below.


The other day we looked at a post from China that was shared online back in January, long before Captain Marvel premiered. That post contained details about the movie, the post-credits scenes, as well as the Endgame footage that Disney showed privately months later. Also, the post is filled with references to past MCU films, as well as connections with other movies and links to religion and mythology. The problem is that it’s written in Chinese, and Google Translate does a poor job of translating it. We found a fantastic recap in English, though, and you should definitely check it out. UPDATE: Redditors were able to prove that the post was edited. It’s still worth a read, but there’s no reason to believe anything in it. 

In what follows, however, we’re going to focus on an extremely messy Ask-Me-Anything post on Reddit from a user who created an account solely to leak information about Endgame. He supposedly worked for Marvel Studios, but he was fired for “no reason at all for other people leaking info about the movie,” so he decided to leak tons of details from the film.

It should be noted that he has been terrible at actually responding to questions from users, as he had only just discovered how to use Reddit. I know what you’ll say, which is what many people on Reddit also said: “this must be fake.” Yes, it could very well be fake. But the moderators at Reddit did verify this person, at least in part:

This user has been partially verified by the mods as someone that likely has relevant information or spoilers.

They have provided details about their employment we will not make public unless OP decides to release that info. Based on this it seems plausible enough to let the thread get moving while we work on verifying the one last piece of evidence we need to say this is 100% legit

With that in mind, let’s look at everything the Redditor had to share about the movie while answering some of the questions ourselves that were asked in the post.

Superhero deaths

Only one Avenger will die in Endgame according to the Redditor:

But anyway a part I really remember in the filming is Captain America dying in Tony’s arms after he uses the gauntlets made from Thor’s hammer. Cap remembered at the last second [that] he almost lifts Thor hammer which is a flashback moment in Endgame

In other comments, he explained that Cap is the only other person who can lift the gauntlet made from Thor’s old hammer — which begs the question, how did they retrieve the old hammer that was destroyed by Hella in Ragnarok? Tony and Shuri recreated the hammer using data extracted from Vision and the Mind Stone, according to the post on Reddit.

Using the new gauntlet, Captain America resurrects the dead, and the final battle will take place at the old Avengers tower. Yes, all the heroes will be back for this one.

Earlier in the film, Cap and Tony have their moment to fix the issues between them:

It’s like their silent at first then it’s a heartwarming moment, and they have a lot to talk about in short time, and Tony talks about being wrong about the signing accords and cap talks about them needing to be in check, and the should handle future problems in a better way.

It’s not a whole convo about it just a quick apology from both sides, and they move on tony thought cap dyed and visceral.

Other secondary characters will also die in the movie, and someone will lose an arm, though it grows back. It’s unclear who loses the limb because of the sloppy way the Redditor was answering questions.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Tony Stark

As for Stark, he will retire after the final battle, the leaker said. He also said that Stark will bring in new Avengers and that Nick Fury makes Spider-Man the captain of the team. This particular claim is a bit strange, considering that Marvel’s Kevin Feige said before that Captain Marvel would become the new leader of the Avengers. Not to mention that Nick Fury seems to meet Spider-Man for the first time in Far From Home, which takes place chronologically after the events of Endgame.

To get back to Earth, Stark will do some tinkering on the Benatar using whatever is available in the ship:

Stark uses the battery the Rocket stole as an energy fuel source the power the ship alongside using parts from Nebula and Stark finds Rocket’s nano repair gun which has only a little bit left inside and I mean a little bit.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Professor Hulk

Professor Hulk apparently doesn’t appear until the third act, and he’s the one who delivers the final blow to Thanos.

Thanos looks at Hulk with a mad grin you again I guess you didn’t learn, professor hulk grins charges full speed toward Thanos drawing his fist back clean shot to Thanos’ face. Thanos goes flying Professor Hulk yells out of rage. With Avengers theme in background.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is present in astral form, and he plays a “key role” in the film. The leaker also said that Strange placed a time loop spell in Infinity War to give them time to figure out how to undo the snap.

One other interesting claim is that Doctor Strange will do something to bring Hawkeye’s family back to life, after they apparently died after the snap. Also, Strange meets up with The Ancient One while traveling back in time:

The Ancient One knew about Thanos from Doctor Strange when he goes back to visit her. He tells her what happens she is not surprised about how strong he’s become because she knew he would learn how to use the time stone. They will also show scenes were Doctor Strange looked through all the millions of timelines and outcomes. I don’t have info on that wasn’t around from that part just heard it from some of the people on set they didn’t go into detail like they [were] serious about any conversation about the movie. [They] had security people disguised as normal workers to catch people talking about so [they] can be terminated.

Image source: DISNEY/Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock


Hawkeye’s family was not killed by the snap itself, but they did die as a result of the snap. “When Thanos snapped people driving trains and bus, and planes get snapped to so who’s there to control” them, the leaker said. And that’s why Strange is able to revive them somehow.

Hawkeye didn’t know about the snap until Black Widow informed him:

He didn’t know about snap until widow tells him after he shows up. Then they go out on a mission and shows his anger through combat when he and widow went on a mission. She looks at him like ‘what have you become?’

This is also a somewhat dubious claim, or it’s just not being explained well. I’m pretty sure the entire world knew about the snap in the days that followed. They would refer to it at something else, of course, but it must have been pretty clear to everyone on Earth that some sort of tragedy occurred.

Finally, Hawkeye will go back in time to get Loki’s staff.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is the new muscle of the team, the leaker says, but she won’t deliver the final blow to Thanos. That’s Hulk’s job, apparently. What’s interesting is that she can absorb power from the Gauntlet, according to the leaker.

Image source: Marvel Studios


Ant-Man is of course a critical piece of the Avengers 4 puzzle, and the leaker reveals a pivotal plot moment. Scott Lang actually goes back in time in the Quantum Realm to 1995, just after Captain Marvel flies into the sunset, so to speak:

Scott did go back in time in Quantum. If you go back to Scott showing up at Avengers base which is actually SHIELD headquarters look in the bottom left corner you will see a time which is counting up because it is a recording from the past that’s why Cap said is this an old message and Widow says yes. [They] cut out a lot of vocal recording so it wouldn’t spoil anything. He does run into Nick when he has his eye.

Image source: Marvel

Thor and Loki

We don’t have a lot of tidbits about Thor other than that he lives to rule Asgard. Loki, meanwhile, did not die at the start of Infinity War, as many people suspected. Loki used a spell of some sort, although it’s unclear from the leaker’s explanation what he did.

Image source: Marvel

Time travel

Time travel will play a huge role in the movie. They all jump to different points in time, and there’s a lot of action throughout the film, according to the leaker. He says Endgame does live up to the hype, and that a lot of questions will be answered.

Many of the characters come back in the film, but “not like you think.” Most of them show up in “flashbacks and others during time travel.”

Image source: Marvel Studios

Infinity Stones

The Avengers will go after Infinity Stones and they collect shards of each stone from the past, although we don’t have any more information on that. They do use Thor’s old hammer to make a new Gauntlet, and Cap is the one to wield it, as we told you earlier.

Doctor Strange is not happy with changing the future:

It was something they were doing to the Stones when they went back in time if I can remember. They were chipping pieces off of them to take back with them instead of taking the whole stone so they wouldn’t change the future. Dr. Strange was very serious when he told them don’t do anything that would change the future.


Image source: Marvel Studios

Thanos is in the movie, of course, but he’s not the main villain. The leaker does say that fighting Thanos in Endgame won’t be easy. He still uses the Infinity Gauntlet, “which is very low on power,” but it’s still a huge challenge. As I said before, it’s Hulk who delivers the final blow to the Titan.

The real villain

Image source: Hbo/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock

Wearing a classic costume from the comics, and living down (or is it up?) in the Quantum Realm, Kang is the real villain of the film. They don’t necessarily fight him, but he’ll prove to be a menace while they’re in the Realm.

He’s the ruler of a Quantum Realm city, likely the one that was hinted at in Ant-Man and the Wasp, and he’s a “surprise villain,” “an alternate version of Tony” in comic books. The leaker also confirmed that Hiroyuki Sanada (seen above in a scene from Westworld, season 2) will play Kang when a different Redditor asked whether that was the case.

There’s “a city inside [the Quantum Realm] with a dome around it,” and that’s where Kang is. “I don’t know much about it I know they run into him, and he tells them [they’re] disrupting the Quantum Realm cause his city lives because of it.”

Kang is the villain “throughout the whole movie,” but he does not die, and he doesn’t really fight the Avengers, the leaker said. Instead, they escape him somehow.

Post-credits scene

One of the post-credits scenes shows the next challenge for the Avengers, and it’s the Celestials, according to the leakers. We’re told the scene has “some good stuff,” but we don’t have any other details yet.

Image source: Marvel Studios


Is all of this real? The person who posted it insists that his account of the facts is accurate. He obtained his information directly while working on lighting for the sets, or from people in the editing room. And he says he waited a long time to speak up because “it ate me up inside about should I do this or not?”

If you already read the massive leak from China, the one that contains all the Captain Marvel details, you’ll notice there are some inconsistencies between these two stories, mainly about how Stark and Nebula return home. That said, there is a way for both accounts to be partially accurate. Also, that theory teased that one hero will die, offering users some sort of quiz at the end. One of the options in the quiz said that one of the heroes died in the arms of a comrade after an intense battle.

We also have no idea how they’d obtain Thor’s old hammer, or how Fury makes Spider-Man the new captain of the team. Is Spider-Man really going to try to go on vacation without his suit immediately after being made head of the Avengers? It’s always possible that Marvel has been misleading us all along with the Spider-Man 2 trailer, but something really doesn’t add up.

That said, if this is all true, this leak gives us almost all of the answers we were looking for. If you want to explore it in full, visit this link.

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