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New ‘Avengers: Endgame’ leak might tell us exactly when Bruce Banner finally Hulks out

Published Apr 4th, 2019 11:44AM EDT
Avengers: Endgame Spoilers

We’re just three weeks away from the Avengers: Endgame premiere, a movie that will shatter all MCU records when it comes to box office success. It’s already confirmed to be the longest Marvel film to date at over three hours, and that’s understandable since there’s so much story to tell and so many loose ends to tie. That said, we already have an idea of what will happen in Avengers 4 thanks to the what Marvel revealed in Infinity War and all the Endgame clips that have been released, but also the various leaks that made their way online. Now, a brand new leak seems to confirm another major battle from Endgame, potentially revealing the moment when Bruce Banner finally lets the Hulk out. If you’d like to be completely surprised when Endgame hit cinemas later this month, you’d better avoid the potential spoilers that follow below.

We already know from all the footage that Marvel aired, both publicly and privately, that the surviving Avengers will join Captain Marvel and attack Thanos where he’s hiding. This battle will take place early in the movie, likely in the first act, and it’s unlikely that the Avengers will win. But just because they lose again, it doesn’t mean they’ll give up.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Previous toy leaks have suggested that Thanos will attack the Avengers HQ at some point in the film after the Mad Titan realizes what they’re up to. Presumably, he’ll know they’re looking to undo the snap in spite of having suffered a couple of massive defeats, and he’ll attack Earth once again with the help of his Chitauri and Outrider armies.

The Russos will point out that toy leaks don’t always accurately depict events from the movie, but the Lego sets that you might find in stores right now do hint at attacks on the Avengers HQ’s and Tony’s lab. But those Lego sets aren’t the only ones that suggest an attack on the Avengers compound is imminent. Just check out the following figurines shared on Reddit by dumbledowge:

New Toys Image Confirms Thanos Attacks Avengers Compound!! from MarvelStudiosSpoilers

What we see is Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow (red hair), Hulk, and Thanos fighting on some rubble. They could be anywhere on Earth or a different planet, but check out that Thanos figurine once again. Notice the Avengers logo that he’s stepping on? That’s a clear indication that he’s back to Earth at Avengers HQ, and he’s doing some serious damage.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Also, notice that he’s wearing full armor, just like in the most recent TV spot. He’s also wielding that double-sided sword. Moreover, the Infinity Gauntlet is still on his left wrist. This particular attire suggests that the Gauntlet alone might not be powerful enough to beat the Avengers.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Let’s also check out Hulk. He’s wearing some sort of costume, probably related to the Quantum Realm suits that various Avengers will wear at some point during the movie. It looks like the stretchy underwear that you’d probably want to have on you before getting into the white Quantum armor. Whatever the case, such attire is unexpected for Hulk. It’s clear from these figurines that the Hulk will come out either during the Avengers compound battle or at some point before they face Thanos on Earth. The fact he still has clothes on seems to be an indication we’re looking at a different version of Hulk, the smarter Professor Hulk we’re all dying to see.

A different Redditor, meanwhile, pointed out that the battle shown in some of the trailers takes place at the Avengers compound:

Image source: Reddit

We’ve analyzed all the Avengers 4 footage that Marvel has released so far, shot by shot, and we’ve already told you that Ant-Man and others are all fighting on Earth. By looking at the background, you can see earthly objects including pencils, headphone jacks, and water running from a faucet. As you can see in the image above, Redditor BrentMaxey made some connections between Infinity War and Endgame shots that suggest the Avengers HQ will see some serious damage. This might be the fight these two are preparing for:

Image source: Marvel

Aside from Ant-Man, we expect War Machine to be involved in the fight, as well as anybody else who’s either guarding the Quantum Realm tunnel or getting out of it. Also, let’s not forget that a badly edited version of a 3D Endgame trailer revealed that Hawkeye is facing a bunch of Outriders, or better said, running from them as an explosion engulfs them.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Why is Thanos attacking the HQ? Lego sets suggested that’s where Tony Stark & Co. might be developing an Infinity Gauntlet of their own, so that they can undo the decimation from the snap.

With all that having been said, the attack on the Avengers facility is almost certainly not the final battle of Endgame. Regardless of who wins here, the fight is far from over, as the Avengers will still have to undo the snap. But if these toys are accurate, Hulk and Thanos will go at it at least once during the new movie. We can’t wait to finally see the rematch.

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