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Shark robot vacuum deal: $600 best-seller is down to $298

Published Dec 21st, 2022 12:25PM EST
Image: Maren Estrada for BGR

Self-emptying features are as revolutionary for robot vacuums as the invention of the autonomous vacuum itself. But some models with the awesome new self-emptying feature can cost $1,000 or even more. Seriously… there’s one high-end robot vacuum out there that costs $1,600! That’s just one reason why we like Shark robot vacuums so much.

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Amazon Logo See Pricing

The Shark AI AV2511AE Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum with 60-day capacity is a very popular model that also touts a self-empty feature, and it retails for $600. That’s also how much you’ll pay if you purchase one from Walmart today. Right now during Amazon’s big sale, however, the AV2511AE model is down to just $298.

That’s a massive 50% discount, and it’s the lowest price ever for this model.

Or, get the Shark IQ AV1010AE Self-Empty Robot Vacuum with 45-day capacity for $405 instead of $600.

Great Shark robot vacuum deals

Like so many other robot vacuum owners out there, I have become spoiled. It’s not enough anymore that I have an awesome little robot to do all the vacuuming for me.

In fact, sometimes I actually get annoyed at the little autonomous device that once brought me so much joy. Why? Because I have a dog that sheds constantly.

That means I have to empty my robot vacuum’s dirt collection bin every single time after it runs. Oh, the humanity!

No, it’s not actually a huge deal — but it’s also not a problem I have to deal with anymore. That’s because I got myself a new robot vacuum model with a brilliant feature called self-emptying.

As the name of the feature suggests, it’s an awesome capability that lets your robot vacuum empty itself when it’s done cleaning. It uses a special dock that doubles as a charging base. It sucks all the dust, dirt, and pet hair right out of the robot vacuum.

That means instead of having to empty it every time it runs, you only have to empty your robot vacuum about once a month!

Some robot vacuums with the self-emptying feature sell for $1,000 or even more if you want a top-of-the-line model. For example, the flagship Roomba s9+ Robot Vacuum retails for $1,000.

Considering the powerful s9+ used to have an MSRP of $1,300, that price isn’t bad at all. But it’s still so much money to part with for a vacuum cleaner.

If that’s still too pricey for you, don’t worry because there’s another amazing option that people adore. The Shark AI AV2511AE Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum with 60-day capacity that typically sells for $600 is down to just $298 right now.

On top of that, the $600 Shark IQ Self-Empty Robot Vacuum is on sale for $405 if you hurry.

These are the lowest prices we’ve seen so far this year, so you definitely don’t want to miss out on these killer deals.

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Shark robot vacuum key details

These are by far our favorite Shark robot vacuum models. If you want to know why, check out some key takeaways:

  • The Shark AI and IQ vacuums come with an auto-empty station that sucks out all the dirt, dust, and pet hair when your vacuum finishes cleaning
  • The self-emptying base is bagless so you don’t have to worry about buying new bags all the time
  • This model has a smart self-cleaning brush roll that removes pet hair and long hair on its own
  • No more hair wrap means one less hassle that’s typically associated with robot vacuums
  • Shark’s faster mapping speed means you can map your entire home in no time
  • Improved carpet cleaning performance means the 2nd-generation Shark IQ can clean up your home even faster than before
  • Two ways to control your Shark IQ robot vacuum: with the free Shark IQ smartphone app, or with your voice!
  • Schedule cleanings for your whole home or just certain rooms with an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice command
  • Powerful suction ensures deep, effective cleaning on the first pass every time
  • Large debris, per hair, small debris, and dust are no match for the Shark IQ on hard flooring or on carpets
  • The Shark IQ methodically cleans row by row for whole-home coverage
  • Shark IQ’s self-empty base, a multi-surface brush roll, and a multi-stage filtration system are perfect for homes with pets!
Amazon Logo Available on Amazon
Amazon Logo Available on Amazon
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