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Best Medical Bandage Shears

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There are times when acting quickly can really be helpful. When it comes to a medical situation, you are much smarter to react fast, rather than waiting and seeing what happens. Whether it’s a sprain, a broken bone, a cut, a bruise, or a scrape, you’re better tending to it immediately. That’s why you should have a first aid kit in your car or in your house always. If you need to wrap up a wound with gauze or a bandage, you’re going to need a way to cut it to be precise. Medical bandage shears will certainly come in handy there. You never want to be caught without an ability to cut your bandages. Having to use your teeth in a pinch is not a great idea. We’ve highlighted five top choices when it comes to bandage shears, so that you can make sure you’re ready the next time something may occur. Check out our picks and be prepared.

Work against the tape

As you’re cutting through a bandage or wrap, you don’t want the blade to get jammed and you to get a jagged cut. By using the Madison Supply Medical Scissors, you’ll enjoy a premium cut every time. Made from high quality, fluoride-coated blades, they won’t stick to your bandages. These are decked out with stealth black handles and that are built to last for years. Measuring 7.5″ long, these have milled serrations that can cut through tough materials. These are professionally designed to be used by EMTs, doctors, nurses, and paramedics. The blunt tip keeps patients safe and these are autoclavable up to 290°F for thorough sterilization.

Key Features:

  • Have fluoride-coated blades that won’t stick
  • Measures 7.5″ long
  • The blunt tip keeps patients safe
Madison Supply - Medical Scissors, EMT and Trauma Shears, Premium Quality 7.5" - Fluoride-Coate… Price: Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Easy to keep in your coat or pocket

You always want to make things easier on yourself. So if you’re needing to carry shears with you, you should consider the EMT Trauma Shears from Carabiner-Shears. These allow you to cut quickly and efficiently in a little amount of time. You’ll be able to cut bandages, tape, leather, or even seatbelt webbing. The blades and rivets are made from Japanese surgical grade stainless steel and measure 7.5″ in length. This comes fitted with a unique, steel-reinforced carabiner in the handle, so you’ll be able to clip them to your belt, pocket, or bag. They’re convenient to clip and the handles are smooth for cleaning. You can choose between black, blue, red, and neon pink.

Key Features:

  • Can cut through bandages, tape, leather, or even seatbelt webbing
  • Handle has a built-in carabiner for easy clipping
  • Made from Japanese surgical grade stainless steel
Trauma Shears with Carabiner - Stainless Steel Bandage Scissors for Surgical, EMT, EMS, Medical… List Price:$13.99 Price:$8.79 You Save:$5.20 (37%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

You don’t want something that won’t last

Built to last a long time, the Ever Ready Titanium Bonded Bandage Shears come in a tactical stealth black color. These are blunt-tipped 7″ shears that are meant for cutting gauze, tape, clothing, bandages, and other sturdy materials. The blades are made from bonded titanium, which is a lot stronger than steel. This is suitable for emergency room personnel, paramedics, nurses, and other medical professionals. The bent handle allows you to cut on surfaces much quicker.

Key Features:

  • Blades are made from bonded titanium
  • Bent handle allows cutting on surfaces
  • Suitable for medical professionals
Ever Ready Titanium Bonded Bandage Shears 7 1/4" Bent, Tactical Stealth Black Price:$6.95 Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Pick the one that fits your mood

Make it easy to spot your shears in the closet, drawer, or wherever you may keep them when you choose any of the colors offered of the Prestige Medical Stylemate Utility Scissor. You can choose between nine different colors or patterns: Four Square Hearts, Hope Pink Ribbon, Leaves Cream, Leaves Grey, Leopard Print Cream, Leopard Print Grey, Pink Camouflage, Woodsy Animals Black, and Woodsy Animals Cream. They are all made from 420 surgical-grade stainless steel blades and the blades have milled shear serrations. They are autoclavable up to 290°F.

Key Features:

  • Come in nine different colors or patterns
  • Made from 420-surgical grade stainless steel
  • Have milled shear serrations in the blades
Prestige Medical Stylemate Utility Scissor, Leaves Grey, 5.5 Inch, 1 Count Price:$8.69 Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

For smaller jobs

If you’re in need of a compact set of shears, reach for the Utopia Care Medical and Nursing Lister Bandage Scissors. These measure 5.5″ and have a bent handle, so you can use them on tougher materials. They are made with ice tempered stainless steel and they are sharp to last longer. The rounded tip helps you slide it under the bandage you want to cut. They are comfortable to hold for even a long period of time.

Key Features:

  • Measure 5.5″
  • Have a rounded tip that helps you slide under bandages you need to cut
  • Made with ice tempered stainless steel
Utopia Care Medical and Nursing Lister Bandage Scissors 5.5" - Stainless Steel - Perfect for Su… List Price:$8.49 Price:$6.99 You Save:$1.50 (18%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

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