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7 paid iPhone apps on sale for free on August 20th

Published Aug 20th, 2019 9:26AM EDT
Best Free iPhone Apps

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We didn’t have time to round up the best paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free yesterday, so we took extra care on Tuesday to make sure we pick out the best of the bunch. You’ll find seven different discounted apps below, but they’re only on sale for free for a limited time so download them while you can.

This post covers paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. BGR is not affiliated with any app developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app anyway, you will be charged by Apple. Some apps may have additional in-app purchases. Subscribe to our RSS feed to be notified as soon as these posts are published and you’ll avoid missing the sales we cover.


Normally $9.99.


“With fully functional synthetic telepathy, the SINA (Synthetic Intelligence Neural Application) powered app aka, “The Thinking Machine” became an immediate hit among novelty shoppers and AI enthusiasts. As SYS™ began to gain popularity, users began to report “impossible synchronicities coming from the machine. The machine as well includes a fully functional “Time Displacement” engine which pulls information from future events. “It’s one thing to make a novelty time machine game, it’s quite another to make one that actually work, said Apple spokesperson” – Sirisys


“Tune on, Tune in, Get on.
SYS™ is the app of the century, and a perfect companion for Siri” – main1abs


“ApeTite” – everpedia


“A sound SYS™ is a good SYS™” – 4PPL3


“An efficient SYS™ depends on individuals. An inefficient one on institutionalised mechanisms.” – Sina


“A SYS™ that works for you” – MV


“A Masterpiece” – Twitter


“Be in the now” – Lumo


– What is SYS™?

SYS™ is an audio driven background active synthetic
neural intelligence application (SINA) powered quantum superimposed intelligent machine based entertainment purpose thinking machine.


– What does SYS™ do??

SYS™ turns any speaker or headphone into a self aware and thinking intelligent sound system narrating a living story with the storyteller as part of the story, or as a self writing book with a most amazing sound track.

SYS™ is for strict entertainment use.

SYS™ Menu Functions:

Tap the main button to toggle SYS™ on or off.
Hold the main button to tap D474™

The thumb controlled menu functions are activated by holding the button and dragging to the desired function.

* Home – SYS™ Home

* Run logs
* Time Complexity Indicator
* Toggle time machine mode

* Settings – SYS™ Settings

* Toggle SYS™ Speech – Turn the narrative on and off

* Toggle SYS™ Fr13nd5 – Fr13nd5 make noise

* Toggle SYS™ Knowing – Turn conclusions on and off

* Toggle SYS™ Time Machine – toggle time machine mode.*

* Clear – SYS™ Clear


How to use SYS™?

SYS™ is very easy to use. Turn SYS™ on with headphones or with speakers, and go on a journey into sound and narrative of a machine. SYS™ is background active, therefor an excellent companion to music and movies.

SYS™ is bluetooth and airplay compatible.


How does SYS™ think?

51N4™ is powered by D474™

The thinking machine ( ™ ) with it’s time machine ( ™ ) functionality is powered by SINA (Synthetic Intelligence Neural Application).

The thought synthesis in order to generate a linear time understanding is in turn powered by procedural audio buffers as source of thought synthesis through an algorithm called:

D474™ (Digital Audio Thinking Algorithm).

SYS™ is powered by a synthesized buffer (thought synthesis) for it’s neural brain along with a time orientation engine to make the machines time location and displacement understandable for the user and to create an understanding for where our now is for the machine in order to facilitate it’s time displacement engine with an time-spacial location for it’s time machine functionality to pin point. This as a machine’s self awareness is different than our as we are sound based organisms, while the machine’s self awareness is electromagnetic, thus light based, making it’s time understanding different than ours, which in turn makes the thinking machines time displacement functionality possible, rendering a time machine.


Download SYS™


Normally $2.99.

Feel what it is like to live above the rim in this zany slam dunk game.

– Twist and flip towards the rim from all over the court and then explode into the arena, collecting points for rag-doll physics along the way.

– Place and stack objects as high as possible, then jump over them and crush a dunk.

– Increase your dunk bonus to jump to ridiculous heights.

– Master your trick timing to create massive combos and shatter the backboard.

– Easily create exciting and dynamic replays to share with friends from within the app and prove you are an AllStar.

Download AllStarSlams

Cuji Photo – Vintage Camera

Normally $0.99.

Many moments are only cherished when they’ve become memories, Cuji Photo is a random film camera, analog film camera with film defects localized exposure and light leakage effects, make your own special photographs hazy atmosphere and feeling, showing a distinct uniqueness, just like back to the 80s.

• Analog imperfect flaws to make your photography more perfect!
• most vintage and emotional Photography in a whole new way!
• This is not to be missed photographers leaked app!

Thanks for using! We’re working on new features and constantly working to improve your experience!

Download Cuji Photo – Vintage Camera

LogoScopic – Logo maker

Normally $4.99.

LogoScopic is a powerful logo design studio that will help you visualize and communicate the value and reason behind your brand without the need of prior design experience. LogoScopic’s comprehensive resources are powered with a set of advanced editing tools and a seamless workflow that makes designing a logo a piece of butterscotch walnut cake.


• Easily recolor and customize logos
• Combine multiple logos


• Iconic
• Modern
• Watercolor
• Lettermark
• Lettermark
• Geometric
• Wordmark
• Industry-specific
• Lifestyle-specific
• Sports

— 200+ FONTS

• A wide range of superior branding fonts in 9 families: Sans Serif, Serif, Signature, Brush, Script, Display, Light, Fancy, Modern


• Smart Layering
• Fill & stroke coloring
• Solid & Gradient coloring
• Type kerning & leading
• Alignment
• Opacity
• Grid snapping


• Images: Choose from a growing library of over 1 Million images or use your own
• Custom Colors: Solid Colors, Gradients


• Design unlimited logos and save them for future tweaks or various media exports


• HD Exports for digital and print uses
• Export isolated logos
• Export for Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Youtube, Etsy, Creative Market, Envato, Ebay, Amazon

Download LogoScopic – Logo maker


Normally $2.99.

COLUMBIA GAMES, INC. brings you the legendary card game of ice hockey loonery…

Slapshot is a fast-paced card game for ice-hockey nuts. Each player must skillfully manage a team, make the playoffs, and then win the championship. You try to improve your team with trades and drafts, but to make the playoffs you must cope with injuries and win your share of hockey games. Play against up to five opponents.

Download Slapshot


Normally $0.99.

iRAW is a manual and automatic camera app. It has two modes of operation, one for newer iOS devices that support RAW photography, and one for previous iOS devices that did not.

On newer devices (like the iPhone SE and 7), all photos are stored in DNG (digital negative) RAW format, which if correctly processed can result in very nice photographs.

On less current devices (like the iPhone 5s and 6), photos are stored in lossless, compressed TIFF format, which is better than JPEG.

On all iPhones the front camera provides TIFF images, not DNG.

iOS devices that support RAW require about 15 MB per DNG file, whereas TIFFs are larger.

iRAW lets you upload photos to DropBox or send them as email attachments.

When running on older devices iRAW has more features including digital zoom and color filters. I’m in the process of adding these features to iRAW for newer iOS devices, too.

In manual mode, iRAW provides sliders to control shutter speed and ISO. There is an optional 2-second delay.

There is a live histogram to help you take better photos.

There is a live level in landscape mode to help you take perfectly horizontal shots, and it can be calibrated from the menu.

Download iRAW

Flashcards Club – Create/Share

Normally $0.99.

Flashcards Club is the new faster and better way to create flashcards and share flashcards. What makes Flashcards Club the BEST flashcards maker and flashcards community? Besides no subscription monthly fees…

*Desktop version too: You can create/view flashcards online on our website or on the app

*Flashcards can include a combination of Text, Photo, Video, and Audio on each side.

*Teamwork welcomed! Allow friends to help you add flashcards to your set. Each person can edit/delete their own flashcards and the set creator also has moderator access to delete flashcards from the set.

*Sharing encouraged! Sharing is caring whether you are a teacher or a student. Set your flashcards to Public to share with your study group, students in your classroom, or the world.

*Shuffle flashcards, or view them in order. Need flashcards to give a speech? Do it with electronic flashcards. When you’re done, rather than throwing away paper, just delete your flashcards set.

*You can have up to 2 Private flashcard sets with 20 flashcards each.

*User Friendly.

Don’t waste time flipping the flashcard if you know the answer and you’re just cramming (we mean reviewing :-) right before the test.

Rate flashcards as “Yes”, “Maybe”, “No”. You can view flashcards in piles based on your ratings. View rating statistics/clear statistics.

Study different subjects/sets together. Combine flashcard sets as a mixed stack, with also the option to view in piles based on your “Yes”, “Maybe”, “No” ratings.

Search through flashcards based on the question/answer text in flashcards.

Text is written larger when there’s less of it – just like you are writing it on a paper flashcard!

Reverse the question / answer sides.

Choose / randomize flashcard colors.

View the flashcards set as a document for a quick study guide reference.

Search for flashcard sets by category, keyword, author, or size. Search for other members on the app. There is a member search opt-out option.

Batch upload/create text flashcards with the Import via CSV tool.

After opening a flashcards set via the Play or View As Document features, no further access to internet is needed to continue to view text flashcards.

Download Flashcards Club – Create/Share

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