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Best Cat Harness to Get Your Pet Outside

Published Jan 22nd, 2020 9:02AM EST

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When you think of walking a pet, you typically think of, well, a dog. Dogs are, clearly, an animal that absolutely requires a leash, considering they A) can be quite large and B) need to go outside to use the bathroom. But other pet owners — more specifically, cat owners — will attest that their little furball could also benefit from some fresh air and the great outdoors. Unfortunately, cats are notorious for doing whatever they want, whenever they want. “Obedient” isn’t necessarily a choice word when referring to a cat, so obviously, allowing them full autonomy to go outside can be inherently dangerous. So if you don’t want to make your cat an indoor/outdoor cat — and risk injury or death in the process — you can opt for a simple cat harness, which allows you to control your cat while they’re getting some quality time outside. If you’re unfamiliar with some of the cat harnesses available on the web right now (or didn’t realize they existed altogether), worry not; there are some models out there to choose from. Finding the right one, however, depends on what exactly you’re looking for. Whether you’re prioritizing comfort, bang for your buck, or just plain quality, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best cat harnesses the internet has to offer.

Most Comfortable Cat Harness

From a comfortability standpoint, it’s unlikely your finicky cat will find something less intrusive than the Eagloo Cat Harness. This harness is made with an ultra-lightweight, soft, breathable air-mesh fabric that contains soft edging and cushioning, allowing your cat to roam the outdoors like they’re in their natural, undomesticated territory. The harness isn’t bulky, which allows your cat to continue their natural movements without any impediments, nor will it overheat in the blistering sun. It’s made with reinforced stitching, which ensures your pet will stay in the confines of their harness at all times. If your cat tends to hate wearing any clothing or accessories — whether it be a festive sweater or a standard cat collar — this harness contains two quick snap buckles and is fully adjustable with four straps, making for an easier process of getting it on and off, especially thanks to the two quick-release buckles. The metal hook on the harness is tough, durable, and allows for full control when attached to a leash. And for safety, the harness contains two reflective stripes that reflect ambient light in extreme low-light conditions, which allows you to bring your cat out day or night. This is also great if it’s an indoor/outdoor cat, as it provides it with protection when it’s outside on its own.

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Best Cat Harness and Leash Set

This might go without saying, but what’s the point of a harness without a leash at the end of it? If you don’t already have a leash to attach to your cat’s new harness, you can always opt for a combination set; preferably, the GAUTERF Dog and Cat Universal Harness with Leash Set. The harness itself is made of high-quality, soft mesh that’s both comfortable and non-intrusive for your little kitty. It features a 3M reflective strip design that’s great for low-light settings at night. The harness is also fully adjustable, as it contains two adjustable buckles that can be changed depending on your cat’s size, as well as double locking features, which include both velcro and buckles. The harness’ portable adjustment size and buckle can be used together and then equipped with a double belt buckle, giving you more play with the leash. And, of course, the set also comes with a leash itself. Keep in mind, however — you’re going to have to size your cat beforehand to get an accurate measurement because these harnesses are sized.

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Best Cat Harness and Bungee Leash Combo

It also goes without saying that your cat would like the autonomy to roam around by itself. Obviously, the whole point of getting them a harness is to avoid this conundrum, but opting for a harness with a flexible bungee leash that can cover some decent ground would certainly be an acceptable consolation prize. Luckily, the PetSafe Come with Me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash is the perfect option for both you and your cat. This harness provides more comfortable control for your cat, while still keeping them in your sights at all times. It’s designed specifically with cats in mind, as it applies gentle pressure to the shoulders of your beloved animal, rather than the neck or throat like you might find with a harness designed for dogs. The bungee design is also far superior to a regular leash, as the flexible design gives your cat more play and protects them from sharp pulling or tugging. The harness is also rather small, so your cat won’t instantly hate it, and it’s made with two different adjustment points that make for a custom fit. This harness is also still sized (small, medium, and large), but you do get a fair amount of adjustability for a relaxed, comfortable fit.

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