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I’m obsessed with this Amazon gadget you’ve never heard of – and it’s only $15 for Prime Day!

Published Jun 21st, 2021 3:16PM EDT
Image: Maren Estrada for BGR

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Prime Day 2021 is finally here and holy moly, has it been crazy so far or what? There are literally millions of killer deals available right now to Prime members all around the world, and there’s no question that the best of the best are the various bargains on Amazon devices. Just a handful of examples include the Fire TV Stick Lite for a new all-time low price of $17.99 and the Fire TV Stick 4K for an all-time low of $24.99 instead of $50, the $80 Echo Show 5 for the all-time low price of $44.99, an Echo Show 5 and Blink Mini Cam bundle for just $10 more, the best-selling Echo Dot for only $19.99, the new 4th-generation Echo Dot for half price at $24.99, the $50 Echo Auto that adds hands-free Alexa to your car for an all-time low of $14.99 or the $98 Echo Auto bundle with 6 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for the same crazy price of $14.99, Echo Buds true wireless earbuds starting at just $79.99 instead of $120, and so much more.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and you can find all the great Amazon device deals out there right now on this special Amazon page. Wondering which deal offers the lowest price of them all? It just so happens to be a gadget that I’m totally obsessed with called the Dash Smart Shelf, and you’ve probably never even heard of it!

Remember Amazon’s Dash Buttons? They were such a cool concept, giving people a button that they could mount anywhere and tap to reorder specific products from Amazon with no other effort needed at all. So, for example, you could put a Tide button next to your washing machine for laundry detergent, a Folger’s button next to your coffee maker, and so on. Then, any time you started to run low on any of those products, one quick tap of the button would send new supplies heading your way. Dash Buttons were so handy!

Unfortunately, Amazon’s concept for Dash Buttons was apparently ahead of its time and didn’t get enough traction because the company decided to discontinue Dash Buttons last year. Now, however, a new Dash device quietly became available on Amazon’s site late last year — and it’s even more impressive than Dash buttons ever were. It’s called the Dash Smart Shelf and it’s definitely my favorite new smart gadget by far.

The new Dash Smart Shelf is similar in concept to Amazon’s old Dash buttons, but it takes things to a whole new level because everything is now fully automated. Pushing a button might not seem all that labor-intensive, but wouldn’t it be even cooler if you didn’t have to push a button or even lift a finger at all?

That’s what the Dash Smart Shelf is. It has a built-in scale that constantly monitors the weight of whatever product you put on top. Then, when the scale detects that your remaining supply falls below a certain threshold, the Dash Shelf automatically reorders whichever product you’re storing on top of it!

If you’re wondering what type of products you can put on the Dash shelf, look no further because we’ve got answers for you. You can keep paper cups, Pop-Tarts, dog food, office supplies, plus hundreds of other things on top of the Dash Shelf, and this brilliant device takes all the thought and effort out of ensuring that you’re always stocked up. You can check out Amazon’s ever-growing list of compatible products right here.

There’s also one more thing you’re going to love about this nifty Amazon gadget. Amazon’s Dash Shelf comes in three different sizes to suit so many different types of products… yet each size costs the same low price of just $14.99 for Prime Day 2021!

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

Here are the key takeaways to keep in mind:

  • The Amazon Dash Smart Shelf takes Amazon’s “Dash” automatic replenishment service to the next level
  • A scale built into each shelf senses the weight of the everyday items you place on top
  • Then, when your supply is running low, the Dash Smart Shelf can notify you or even just automatically reorder your supplies for you
  • You don’t have to lift a finger!
  • The Dash Smart Shelf makes it so easy to ensure that all of your most important essentials are fully stocked
  • It works with pantry staples, office supplies, pet food and other pet products, and so much more
  • You can customize all of your preferences right from inside the Amazon Shipping app
  • Save up to 25% on your first reorder from select partners and use Subscribe & Save to get even more discounts!
  • Dash Smart Shelf comes in Small (7″ x 7″), Medium (12″ x 10″), and Large (18″ x 13″)
Amazon Logo Available on Amazon
Maren Estrada Deals Editor

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Previously, she was a leading consultant specializing in copywriting, product development, and new product launches.