Is Lamborghini feeling a bit jealous now that Tesla’s Model S P100D is the fastest production car in the world? With a 0-60 MPH time of just 2.5 seconds and a quarter-mile time of 10.7 seconds, Tesla’s most recent addition to its Model S line is an absolute screamer. Just a few weeks ago, we even saw Tesla’s flagship Model S go head to head against a Lamborghini Huracan where it managed to hold off the supercar for at least a good 10 seconds.

In light of that, a sketchy rumor from AutoBild (via Electrek) relays that  the higher ups over at Lamborghini aren’t pleased with Tesla’s newfound claim on speed and have started an electric supercar program internally known as project Vitola.

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What makes the report all the more interesting is the claim that Lamborghini is basing its design on Porsche’s Mission E platform.

The Mission E isn’t out yet, but as we’ve detailed previously, Porsche is sparing no expense as it looks to battle it out with Tesla in the luxury EV market. Earlier this year, the German automaker said that it plans to add hundreds of additional employees to its Mission E team alongside a pre-existing plan to invest more than $1 billion in factory upgrades as a means to speed up Mission E production.

Spec wise, Porsche’s Mission E is ambitious. Though nothing is obviously final yet, Porche’s concept envisions an electric car with 600 horsepower, incredible acceleration, a range of 310 miles and an impressive re-charge time of 15 minutes.